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What year were pennies made in copper

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1793-1857 : pure copper 1857-1864 : 88% copper, 12% nickel 1864-1942 and 1944-mid 1982 : 95% copper, 5% tin/zinc 1943..more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-year-were-pennies-made-in-copper ]
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What year were the most copper pennies made?
1981 was both the last full year that copper cents were minted and the highest-mintage year for that metal composition. Almost 13 billion were struck. More cents have been struck in other years (1994, for instance) but those coins aren’t co…
What is the last year that copper pennies were made??
The last copper (actually bronze) U.S. cents were struck in mid-1982. Coins from that year exist in both bronze and copper-plated zinc varieties.
we need to compute the density of this cent and compare it to the density of copper which is 8.96 g/cm^3 density = mass/volume = 2.49g/0.349 g/cm^3 = 7.13 g/cm^3 so this is definitely not copper; in fact, it is mostly zinc whose density is …

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what were pennies made of 77-87?
Q: in the years from 1977-1987 the pennies were made of what each year? after 1979 they all went to copper right?
A: Incorrect, from 1962 to 1982 penny’s where 95% copper and 5% zinc, right now they are 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.
What is the worth of a 1944 copper penny?
Q: I know the year before, in 1943, pennys were made of steel and that in 1944, they began to create pennys out of copper again. I’ve heard its only worth about 2 cents, right?
A: They don’t have any value as collector coins. But they are fun to own and fun to keep as family heirlooms. It is worth 3¢.
Is my silver penny worth more than I think?
Q: I recently found a 1943 “silver” penny. The United States was short on copper because of the war and resorted to making zinc-covered steel pennies. I know of people that discovered copper pennies from this same year. These were accidentally cast in copper and are extremely rare. My penny, although silver-colored, seems to have some traces of copper mixed in. It is magnetic, suggesting that it is made of steel and zinc, but what about the bits of copper color showing through? Is this just many years taking a toll on the steel and zinc, or is my penny worth more than I think?
A: When “silver” colored coins get mixed with copper ones and are exposed to chemicals, like toilet cleaner, the silver coins can sometimes get copper spots in them. People often use this method to coat silver pennies, to make them look like the rare copper 1943 ones. Chances are your penny got exposed to a copper and chemical treatment either accidentally or on purpose.
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