Risk Assessment in the salon for massage?

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You should have some basic forms for people to fill out with health history etc.Your school should teach you what conditions to avoid working on, what is contraindicated etc.Ask a few massage therapists that are already out of school if you can see the forms they use, make copies and keep them in a file.Then along with that, keep what you get in school, and the salon you work in, or other places you go may also have forms to use.Keep all your originals.(save for yourself — I have been in business 10+ yrs & still have old papers like this in a file just in case I want to go back & change things)Compile the questions you think are the best or apply the most to where you are working.If you are an employee of a salon, the owner will probably have to approve of it– vs. if you are just renting space as an independent contractor.
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