I bought a pack of Stacker 2 Yello Hornet energy pills from a gas station and I without reading took 2?

Q:I took 2 pills at once, and now I feel sick? I went to the hospital already but the doc told me to drink water and and juice and that should flush the medication right out of my system. At first before I went to the hospital, the pills had me shacking really bad, and I was dizzy and my heart rate was soring to like 102. I have took the doc’s advice already ..I mean I have took 3 poos already and urinated numerous of times and still 21 hours later I still feel sick to my stomach and nasuas. What can I do to feel better, I don’t want to puke, that is gross! Any suggestions? The pill is Stacker 2 Yellow Hornets, it is an energy pill.
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Take a valium.But seriously your body will excrete away the chemical eventuallyIt sounds like a lot of your symptoms may be due to anxiety, relax and dont panic . you will get better.Avoid those hornets in future, you are obviously very sensative to them..
Know what you’re taking .control the drugs, don’ let them control you.
I know saltines and ginger ale helps pregnant women when they have nausea. Try that.
Yeah, those little things can be evil.I took a couple one time, and ended up feeling and acting like Beavis doing his Cornholio routine. I haven’t touched them since.If the hospital isn’t worried about it, I wouldn’t be, either, unless your symptoms start getting worse. Just keep drinking lots of water. After 21 hours, vomiting probably wouldn’t actually get the pills out of your system (they’ve long since dissolved and been metabolized by your body), but if your body’s telling you that it has to, don’t deny it that. it may make you feel better after all.
I’ll bet you wont do that again.If you keep drinking liquids and eat protein, you should feel better in a couple of days.Best of luck to you.
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