in 80s what was the black cough syrup Creolemotion?

Q:as a child growing up in the 80s, my parents use to give me this black cough syrup that had the worste taste ever. i am trying to remember the name of it and i think it was called Creolemotion? i remember that on the bottle there was a picture of two kids. does anyone remember the name of this?
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I remember it too, I think it may have been Creomulsion, or something like that. It was very nasty-tasting!
it was Creomulsion and I loved reminds me of creosote on railroad, that’s probably what it is made from
It was called Creomulsion for Children. They also had just Creomulsion Cough Syrup. I hope this helps. Yes, I remember the name, but am not so sure of the spelling. Creomotion..I think.
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