Natural home remedies for allergies and asthma?

Q:There is way too much info out there for natural remedies. There is no naturopath in my area, so tips and hints that have worked for you on your kids would be helpful.My 9 year old has asthma, which is brought on by allergies and heavy exercise – she is a sport nut. Her allergies are pretty bad too, but since she spends so much time outside for sports I hate to “dope her up” every day with allergy medicine. No allergy medicine = worse asthma, so then she is sucking back her puffer. Any tips, good websites, etc would help! Thanks
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Some say that a clogged liver, or yeast overgrowth in the body is the main source of allerigies. The essiential Oil “Oregano Oil” has been know to completely annihilate yeast! But, you must be sure to get the Pure Oregano Oil! I use the “Now” brand capsules. I sometimes use the liquid form by mixing it with olive oil. Regardless of what these under-educated investigators for the FDA may say, Oregano Oil wil destroy yeast and herpes! I had athletes foot really bad once (very active in sports) and I rubbed the oregano oil on the affected area and it destroyed it in a matter of a few hours. I used to get cold sores (form of herpes) not any more! Apple Cider vinegar is said to help allergies as well!
I have suffered asthma & allergies for years and have found Cider vinergar mixed with manuka honey works a treat. Try not to use inhalers unless you have to as children in particular become dependant on the use of inhaled medications if used when not NEEDED. Good luck and all the best for you and your child
You can try the e-book Cure Your Ashtma
You may think this sounds crazy, but many allergy and asthma sufferers actually have food allergies and/or sensitivities. I have had terrible allergies and a nose that wouldn’t stop running until I cut peanuts, dairy, wheat, and some other stuff out of my diet. You can try an allergy elimination diet, get a $200 test to see which foods she’s allergic to, or eliminate certain foods based on her blood type, which is what I did, since it’s basically free. I know it sounds crazy, but it actually works! You can read thousands of peoples stories at this forum, ask questions, do a search on asthma, etc. is another asthma specific forum: my favorite doctor:
You night try getting the book: Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About. You can go to there website: For my allergies, I take 1 tablespoon full of organic apple cider vinegar a day and this really helps me, but I don’t have asthma. You may also try getting a air purifier. Get yourself a good one of this and buy a special vacuum that is for people with allergies. Personally, I bought a Tri Star Vacuum and really like it, but I got one used and it costed about $300.00 dollars.One thing that the other post reminded me of ,was if I eat organic products my allergies don’t seem to bother me much, but when I eat some of the non organic stuff my allergies do bother me.
I am pro- 100% natural, whole foods as well. As far as allergies go, my wife got turned on to ViaViente, it’s a 100% natural whole food juice. After 3 months of adding it to her diet, she is completely off of all 3 of her allergy medications (she was taking Flonase, an oral med and an eye drop prescription). I’ve also read some testimonials of people with asthma that this product has helped. It’s also helped me with my blood pressure and we give it to our kids to keep all of us operating at optimum health. It’s great for overall preventative and health maintenance.Please visit for testimonials from people with allergies and asthma.
natural bee honey and bee pollen works very well, even a medical doctor will attest to that.
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