Is there a book or a website for a range of alternative cures?

Q:Has to be all herbal natural products. Maybe pregnant and have been told i can only have paracetomol which doesnt help for my cold and very bad cough. Want to have other solutions to make me feel better as this has been going on for a week and having tea with honey isnt enough.
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This seems to be a good UK site.
Tea with Honey won’t do it – to cut through the catarrh in your nasal passages or down in your lungs – you need something else. Since you have stipulated mainly herbal remedies – try this:Instead of tea – get some pure Lemon/Lime juice concentrate (Jif bottle) – pour enough in bottom of mug just to cover whole of surface area at the bottom of the mug – put in TWO dessert spoons of Honey and fill 2/3rd full with hot water. Drink as hot as you can stand and add two paracetamol tablets too – repeat every 4 hours. Wrap yourself up very warmly – you will perspire!!!! (DO NOT remove any clothing or whatever you have wrapped yourself in – perspiration is the intention) – may take several days and you will feel very poorly for a while – but it DOES WORK!!!!!
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