Who knows in what way a breast/mastectomy massage is done?

Q:I am writting a paper for school in body works modality and i cant find a web site where i can see pictures or have an idea to show the class. Its a paper and oral presentation. and yes I am a masssage therapy student.
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you might need to turn off the save search in your search engine
http://www.massagetohealth.com/mastecto.htmhttp://www.amtamassage.org/journal/fa_00_journal/mastectomy_4.htmlyou must not have done much of a search, I just typed in “mastectomy massage” into my yahoo search & up popped these 2 pages, as well as a bunch of others.** as for MLD, that is a very specific technique as you may or may not know… my sister in law gets it done, her therapist trained in Europe to learn it…I would guess that a lot of mastectomy patients would get lymphatic swelling, one of my patients gets it in her arm & I referred her to the same person for MLD treatment.I would also talk about the importance of lymphatics in post mastectomy massage.
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