Is there any home remedy to get rid of the imflammation of the knee joint?

Q:there is slight swelling at the top of the left knee joint.
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better consult your doctor. dont let the disease progress
Yoga excercise will definitely cure your arthritis problem.
I agree with soul doctor as above.Take h’pahtic remedy like Bryonia,Arnica,Rhus tox as per advise of yr h’pathic doctor.
Take these Homeopathic Remedies together thrice a day half hour before meals ARNICA 30, BRYONIA 30 and RHUS TOX 30. No side effects and No Complications 100% relief.Take Care and God Bless !
Think RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.First of all, get off your feet. Cut down on your strenuous activities (like if you jog or run or exercise, rest for a couple of weeks).Then, apply an ice pack to your knees for at least an hour everyday. Next, bandage your injured knee so that it gets support. But remember not to bandage it too tightly or you might cut off the blood flow. You might also want to apply a menthol-based product (like Ben-Gay) prior to wrapping, so that your knee gets a cool rush.Also remember to elevate your knees for at least a half hour daily so that the fluids there get drained out.I know it sounds like a lot of work and taking it easy might be a little frustrating for a while, but knee injuries should be taken seriously. If they get worse, surgery is the only other option and even then you might not regain the full capacity of your knee. Hope this helps.
If you injured it from a fall or over exertion, ice it on and off for 20 minutes. If you do not know what caused the inflammation, I suggest you see a doctor.
If it has been there awhile, use ice or heat whichever feels better to you. Ice reduces inflammation, heat stimulates circulation. Whichever you choose never leave it on longer than 20 minutes at a time as you risk tissue damage.Aspirin helps inflammation, but if you plan on taking it long term consult a physician as aspirin is not without serious side affects one of which is slowing or losing the bloods ability to clot.Massaging the joint gently might make it temporarily feel better.Elevating and staying off the joint is good.I have heard that joint inflammation, like gout, can be aggravated by eating too much meat and/or dairy products.Always use caution when taking herbal remedies. Their dosage is not regulated by the government so it’s easy to build a toxicity up and they can interact with prescription medication.
Yes ther is and it’s called Transfer Factor. you can get it at
see a doctor
hot moist fomentation that is soaking a towel in hot water and than applying on the knee with some pressure or simply dropping the hot water over the inflamed knee provides immediate pain relief irrespective of the cause weather it is due to trauma or due to some pathological conditions like any type of arthritis. Along with this it is advisible to consult the orthropaedic sugeon and take out the x-rays than follow the required treatment.
people seem to think that when there body part is swollen that they need to put ice or something on it to make the swelling go down. Your body is swelling up that spot for a reason and i would let the swelling subside by itself. The underlying probem is probably joint related and i would go to the health food store and get some glucosamine and take it 3 times a day to lubricate your joint and also drink plenty of water.
Sprouted Methi seeds. Soak Methi seeds in water for overnight. Next day remove the water (by filtering it by cloth). Keep it on the cloth for some time and then tie it in the same cloth. Better sprouting is achieved in warmer climates. Within 2 days you will find it sprouted. You should consume about 1 tea-spoon daily morning (empty stomach). Masticate it properly to make it paste and then slowly swallow. Notice the difference in 2 weeks, you will find amazing difference in movements, flexibility, pain etc.
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