Can muscles recover without sleeping but relaxing?

Q:Can muscles recover without sleeping but relaxing?
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If you are looking for a herbal suppliment, I would suggest L-Gutamine. It is an amino acid that helps your muscles recoperate. If you pushed yourself alittle too hard in a work out, maybe taking a day off from train that particular muscle (or groups of muscles) would be a good thing anyways. Good luck to you
Muscles can recover through rest–sleep is not required–although one of the fastest methods for recovery of muscle ability is through the application of massage therapy. Five minutes of massage therapy performed on a fatigued muscle will increase the recovery of a muscle five times more than rest alone for the same duration.
No. Your muscles need sleep to repair damaged cells and tissues. Same goes for the rest of your body.
nope you need deep sleep — even light sleep won’t do it. go to bed.
I do that everyday through Yoga.The posture is called ‘Shavassana”.You need an expert to teach you..
Absolutly. Muscles do not require, nor do they sleep. Only the brain requires sleep, simply by resting muscles they will recover from exercise.
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