Has anyone ever had ear candling done?

Q:There is a new herbalist in my town that does ear candling and I am considering having it done, but I would like to know any opinions first. Did it work, etc, etc. Thanks!!
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Ear candling is a hoax, meant to sucker gullible idiots. The brown stuff at the bottom of the burnt ear candle is just a residue from the wax that is in the candle itself. If you compare a candle that was burned in your ear to one that was burned alone, they have the EXACT SAME LOOK. They claim the burning creates a “soft vacuum” to suck the earwax from the ear. Bull. The candle would have to be operating in a sealed system to generate any vacuum – but since it’s all out in the open, it cannot generate a vacuum! http://www.doctorhoffman.com/candling.htmhttp://www.straightdope.com/classics/a5_098.htmlhttp://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/candling.htmlhttp://www.entlink.net/activities/committees/earcandles.cfmhttp://www.cbc.ca/consumers/market/files/health/earcandle/
It cannot possibly work. If it really created a vacuum strong enough to “pull” anything out of your ear, it’d be strong enough to rupture your eardrum.
Yes, I have done it. It works I could hear amazingly well after I had it done. Pulled alot of ear wax from deep in my ear that I couldn’t reach with q-tips.
No. Don’t do it! It is very very dangerous! I did ear candling now and again for “itchy ears” thinking them perfectly safe because the are available and seemingly reputable people said they were good. I used them off and on for about 5 years and they seemed to help so don’t believe others who say they’ve used them and never had a problem. This doesn’t prove anything. Well, low and behold, one day even though we were following instructions, the wax dripped down into my ear and burned a hole in my eardrum.And, believe me this is not a fun experience! And, I had to have fascia removed from the side of my head and they had to make me a new eardrum.It turned into almost a year of pain and misery and all of the doctors think you’re really dumb too. Right after surgery it seemed like when I raised by eyebrows my scalp was stuck in place because of tissue removed and wouldn’t go back. This thankfully passed but still it bothers me sometimes where the scar tissue is. The wax had apparently cauterized the hole so it couldn’t grow back on its own.It was bad and still bothers me like fluttering butterflies when pressure changes outside which can wake me and definitely worse than itchy ears. I had the surgery about 3 years ago. Definitely, not worth it. They will show you the melted wax and say it was earwax and burnt clothe and say it is yeast. It’s all an expensive hoax. The FDA has banned these things as unsafe and unproven medical devices for over a decade but doesn’t enforce it. I learned the hard way that just because it’s out there for sale doesn’t mean it’s safe or approved.Others who have not burned a hole in their eardrum report that after one use their ears produced more wax in that ear. A doctor removed a huge clump of wax from my ear and my husband’s at one point which was probably beeswax because my ears have been “clean” ever since.Ear candle use is also like a cult. People will stand there and tell you these things are safe two seconds after you told them you burned a hole in your eardrum and that you followed the instructions and that the thing was administered by a mechanical engineer! Besides burning a hole in your ear drum (and if you look on the internet some have had deeper and worse burns- I have quick reflexes) you could catch your hair or shoulder on fire. I’ve heard of it and talked with a few that do it….. its amazing and it is safe….. a lady I work with had an earache and she went and had this done, it took care of the earache…. I guess what it does is melt the wax so that the ear is cleaned out which cleans out the infection too….I’d try it if I needed it. Talk to your chiropractor as well…. thats where this lady works that had hers done. Amazing results.
Lisa is a what?Garbage educator maybe.Ear candling has been done for thousands of years. It goes back to the ancient Chinese herbalists.Yes it does work. The warm air circulates and melts ear wax.The rising air creates a small vacuum that draws up the ear wax and any yeast. Yes yeast.It helped my hearing immensely. At first I was sensitive to sound but now I get it done every six months and it works well.It is very safe and effective when done properly.
Ear candling does work. I have done it and it’s incredibly safe. If wax went into your ear they were using the wrong kind of candles. There are special candles for this. It does make a vaccum in the ear to help move “stuff” up the ear canal. But not so strong to suck your head inside out!! Give me a break.
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