Should adults take a Colostrom supplement?

Q:I was told that taking probiotics like acidophilus wouldn’t be very beneficial because you need Colostrum in your gut for them to live and grow. Otherwise the healthy bacteria you take will just die. Has anyone heard of this or have any wisdom on this?
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Not true. However, it won’t hurt, either. I’m an adult. I took colostrum 2 years ago during the Winter while I was in med. school. All my classmates got colds & the flu while I didn’t. That was the FIRST Winter I didn’t get bronchitis!Colostrum is THE first food a baby ingests. Babies don’t have tummies full of acidophilus; do they? Colustrum is actually fairly easy for the body to digest. You’re safe taking it without the acidophilus, but taking it would boost your immune system. The use of acidophiles is very beneficial. You may also use yogurt that has live cultures in it. Than you benefit from the calcium as well. Watch the sugar content. Do not use fat free.
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