how do i stay up for a hands-on car marathon with no drugs!?

Q:last years contest went for 130 hours with 10min break every hour this is for a 2006 pontiac solstice
More Answers to “how do i stay up for a hands-on car marathon with no drugs!?
get as much caffiene as posible
Eat a lot of candy to raise your metabolism rate or drinka lot of coffe or coffe drinks such as the new ones on the market by coke, Star Bucks etc.
Does coffee count?Thats the closest to a non-drug that I can think of.Get as much sleep as you can before the marathon.
i dont think it can be done. try closing your eyes for those 10 minutes. and drink coffee right after that
one way to rid yourself of the sleepy eyes is to massage your ear lobs when feeling tired. i know it sounds sill but it works. no smoking!! it only makes you more sleepy!! if you try caffeine you are more likely to just crash from the sugar.good luck.
Drink lots of water. Stay away from the sugar, and drink caffeine in small doses throughout. Chugging a coffee, or anything sugary, will just make you jittery and it’s possible to overdose on caffeine and get really sick.Eat small meals frequently, or have something to snack on. A nice balance of carbs and proteins. Don’t over-eat.If you get the chance to, always take a five minute walk every hour, or at least stand up, stretch and do a few jumping jacks or something.If you’re going to nap, make sure someone is on hand to wake you up.Good luck! avoid sugar and anything sweet. you’ll crash.
drink water and STAY BUSY thats how i woluld.
Stick your head out the window and scream really loud when you start to get tired.
Red bull.or any other kind of energy drink.or lots of caffeine
Go to a local herbal/natural foods place and get some “happy camper.” It is an all natural alternative to no-doz and caffiene.I’ve hiked further on that stuff than I ever did with coffee.Plus, it is naturally good for you!!
think about driving it
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