Melatonin:safe or otherwise?

Q:I have been taking melatonin for insomnia for a year.Does anyone out there also take them and what are your views on the possible effects of long term use.They are not approved for use in the UK so i have to get them from the States.My supplier says they are safe but i am not sure
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Insomnia (sleeplessness) is due to stress, dietary and medical problems. By making small lifestyle changes like having a fixeddaily routine, relaxing and eating properly, insomnia can becured. I found the information at usefulfor getting sleep.
I have taken Melatonin for insomnia (on and off) for a number of years and, other than dreaming more than usual, have never had any side effects. I, too have to get mine from the U.S. I lived in the States for decades and was so used to buying them over the counter at any big grocery store. However, now that I have settled again in the U.K. it really is a problem getting hold of them. I didn’t know they were not available here until a few weeks ago when I went to Boots and also Holland and Barratt and was told they weren’t approved. Grrrrrrr…
Melatonin in a bottle is basically the same melatonin your own body produces. It’s a natural hormone (not an herb) and it’s known as the restorative hormone. It has anti-cancer properties and three have been many cases with high doses and no ill effects. An overdose would only likely give you intense or bad dreams. The only caution is that you may become dependent on it. But otherwise it’s very safe.
They are an herbal based remedy. i take them too.and as a testament to their safety, my dog, have no idea what got into him.. ate half a bottle (and the actual bottle) vet said to watch him for 24 hours. not a dang thing happened to him! he didn’t get sick at all!They are non-habit forming
yeah they are safe but withing the recommended dose , because metatonin is also a naturant antioxidant which is very helpful to the body.
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