If u have c section and u have staples can u take them out yourself?

Q:If u have c section and u have staples can u take them out yourself?
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sure why not use a rusty old staple remover no problem???!
It isn’t really safe. It requires a tool you don’t have and if you didn’t heal completely, you could get an infection which could end you up back in the hospital. I had complications after mine were taken out and it was not fun.
NO! Wait for a professional to do it so you don’t dammage yourself
Yes you could but it’s possible to do some damage.Taking staples out can be painful – so you might want a professional to do it since they know what they’re doing and know how to pull them with the least amount of pain/damage.There may be a chance you pull them too soon. The doctor may take a look at it and decide they should stay in longer. You may make the wrong call.What happens if you rip one out and reopen the wound? That now leaves you open to the possibility of an infection and with a new baby you don’t want to have to deal with that.You could do it yourself – but you might as well be safe and see a doctor. You might open yourself up to all sorts of medical problems that will now cost you more time, money, and pain. Is that chance worth the risk?
After a C section you need time to heal, when the time is right and the dr has asked you come back he/she will examine you to see if the staples are ready to come out. To force things can be very dangerous and if there is any problem such as an infetction going on you could be in big trouble! I’ve had 5 c-sections- go to your doctor.
Surgical staples aren’t the same as regular staples and there is a “special” staple removal kit that is used.
No.lol. She needs to see the doctor to make sure everything is alright.
Did you put them in yourself? NO!
I wouldn’t have thought that a woman would be let out of hospital at least until the staples had been removed. But no, definitely don’t try and take them out! They are entirely different from stitches and a trained professional is needed to remove them, ensure that the scar is healing normally and there is no infection.http://www.freewebs.com/spiritualhealing.
They now have dissolving staples. Let the doctors remove any thing else.
You shouldn’t but technically you *could* do it yourself if you were being foolhardy and very irresponsible..Please- let the nurse or doctor do it. I have had several surgeries that reqd them in my abdomen- they should NOT come out until the doc says they can.
NO! see a doctor
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