Using colloidal silver as a medicine?

Q:What is the indication for using this, any contraindications, and mechanism of action. I never heard of it and would like a simple, but thorough explanation. Thanx
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It is a natural immune system booster. It is not toxic to your system. You can take 7 teaspoons a day for 70 years before you have any bad reactions. I have used it for strep throat on myself a few times and a sinus infection too. Takes a little longer to work than antibiotics but does not harm your body like they do. The longest I have taken it is 1 week. But as in everything moderation is the key. Also try taking extra Vitamin C with it to fight off infections.
I think it is an immune system booster, but as you probably suspected you can overdose on it – it is really a poison to the body. WebMD should be able to give a better answer.
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