does niacin help metabolize marijuana out of ones system?

Q:its not like i smoke weed or anything…come on…
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i dunno but if you find out lemme know! =)
Please don’t try this. As I posted earlier today, a 17 year old in our community tried high dose niacin to clear her body of pot. As a result, her liver, kidneys, lungs and blood clotting systems all shut down and she almost died. This is dangerous and dumb. And fruitless.You might consider stopping the drug use. Is pot really worth the worry you go through to smoke it?? No, it does not, and is dangerous. You can buy supplements at any smoke shop to clean out your system, but the most effective way I’ve heard of is to quit smoking for 3-4 days prior to your “test”, and drink large amounts of water or iced tea. No sodas, beer, liquor or wine – only water or tea. This has worked for me twice.
Nothing will work except time. And not smoking up.
no the test will come back inconclusive and you will have to do it again not like i would know come on know oh
Why is it that whenever anyone puts something up about drugs they all get slammed about how they shouldn’t do them? (it’s esp. ridiculous when you say right in the question that you don’t.)ridiculous. pot is not any worse than cigarettes.I’ve had several friends tell me to use niacin. Of course, don’t take the whole effing bottle or else you will have to go to the hospital. My friend suggested take 15 500 mg two nights before the test, the night before a test take 10 500 mg. take them at night since niacin causes skin rashyness and sleep will make it so they don’t bother you. This is all heresy though.I don’t know if you’re just wondering about getting weed out of ones system, i recommend stopping smoking 4-5 days before a test and two hours before the test drink a bottle of ready clean following all instructions. this has worked for me twice. yay!P.S. Ready Clean doesn’t make the test results inconclusive either. PLUS! IF ready clean doesn’t work, they’ll give you back double what you payed for the bottle. You just need to send them “proof of dissatisfaction” (proof that the test failed), the receipt with the store location, and the UPC bar code from the label.
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