How to Get the Yard Ready for Winter

In areas where ultra-cold temps and heavy snow is expected, it is necessary to get the yard ready for the long months of winter. Cold and snow can damage everything from pipes to plants. Do not wait until the temperatures dive below zero or for the first snow to fall. Use this checklist on how to get the yard ready for winter, and be prepared for the upcoming change in weather and temperatures.

Remove Hoses from Outdoor Spigots

If hoses are connected to spigots when temperatures plummet, pipes leading to these outdoor sources of water can break. When trying to get the yard ready for winter, the first step is removing the hoses from the spigots. Unwind the hoses to remove all of the water, and store them indoors instead of in the yard. They will last a lot longer when not exposed to ice, snow and freezing conditions.

Apply Weed and Feed

If you are not going to apply weed and feed in the spring and summer, apply it in the fall to get the yard ready for winter. This is the best time for a single application. It will kill weeds and lessen the chances of spreading before the yard becomes dormant. The yard will also receive a nutritional boost. Get the yard ready for winter to make it look better this spring.

Protect Tender Plants with Winter Covers

When striving to get the yard ready for winter, look for tender plants that require protection. This is especially true if warm weather growth is planted in cooler hardiness zones. Even bushes that are usually hardy can become damaged by heavy snow and ice. Shop online for shrub and plant covers, and get the landscape ready for winter by protecting bushes and higher zoned perennials.

Remove Outdoor Planters

When planters become filled with water that freezes, they might end up cracking and breaking When looking for ways to get the yard ready for winter, store planters in a garage, shed or another indoor location. Keep them protected in the winter and they can last for many years. This includes plastic, ceramic, clay and even concrete.

Put Away Three-Season Yard Decor

Get the yard ready for winter by putting away three-season yard decor. Store gazing balls and all cast resin, ceramic, clay and plastic items. This will keep protect them from potentially damaging snow, ice and cold temperatures. They will also remain colorful and looking like new for many warm seasons to come.

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