How to Improve Posture: Hairdresser and Cosmetologist Job Fields

Hairdressers and cosmetologists work long hours, and without correct posture it is only a matter of time before certain health concerns arise. Most of these health problems and concerns will result in less and less time in the salon and more time spent at the doctor’s office. Learn to to improve your posture to avoid many health concerns that thousands of hairdressers face.

Health Concerns Hairdressers Face

Correct posture can help prevent hairdressers from facing health problems such as back strain/pain, fatigue, muscle aches, stress, shoulder pain, pain in the legs, sore feet, swollen feet and so on until knots can begin to form in shoulders, leading to even more pain. By standing with correct posture, many of these health problems can be lessened or avoided altogether.

Many cosmetologist do nails, pedicures and facials as well. These are services that allow the hairdresser to be seated. Correct posture is just as important while sitting as it is when standing. If you are unable to fix posture in the seat you have, think about purchasing a new seat to help with correct posture. It will be better to spend a little money on a new chair now than to lose money from clients when you are unable to do the services they require.

How to Improve Posture

What does good posture do besides avoid many health concerns? Hairdressers with good posture present themselves in a more professional manner gaining the trust of their clients much more quickly than those with bad posture. Before learning how to improve posture, you must first learn what poor posture looks like.

Types of Poor Posture:

slumped/humped posture too stiff/rigid sway back with belly pouched out sway back with shoulders drooped drooped shoulders

The first thing to think about when correcting posture is to take a look at the shoes you are wearing. If you wear heels, get rid of them or save them for special occasions. Flat shoes should be worn to work. Many women think flat shoes are ugly and would rather be in pain all day by wearing high heels. If you can’t give up your high heels, opt for getting a stool for cutting hair to help take some of the weight off your feet.

Most hairdressers use hydraulic chairs. Use this to your advantage. Learn to raise the chair up to the level you will need to stand with correct posture. Different procedures will require you to readjust the chair to different levels throughout the day. Don’t worry about taking the client up and down too much. Just do it in a nice smooth manner to keep from jerking them around.

Other Ways to Fix Posture

Most of us were told in beauty school, keep your weight distributed on both feet evenly with toes pointed straight ahead and parallel with each other. I found this hard to do when cutting hair. I used to lean more on my right foot and hold my head to the right. Both of these caused pain in my back, shoulders, and neck. Every time you begin a hair cut make yourself stand up straight and think about good posture. Over time, it will begin to be a natural stance.

When shampooing, do not lean to rest your elbow on the sink or shift your weight to one foot. Adjust the client where you need them before beginning the shampoo. To fix posture, pull in your stomach muscles, keep your hips level, and don’t lock your knees in place. Although it may be hard, keep your chest up, make sure your neck is long and don’t hold your head down so far that if feels like your chin is resting on your chest.

Sitting Posture

One last thing, when you are sitting doing a manicure or hand massage, keep your feet flat on the floor slightly further out than your knees and keep your knees close together. I often wanted to sit with my feet pulled back under the chair. This is bad on your back, legs, feet, hips, and neck. Also, do not rest your elbows on the manicure table. Do your best to keep your chest up, shoulders back and sit with most of your weight on your thighs.

Hairdressing and cosmetology is very hard on your body if you don’t correct your posture early on. Keep thoughts about your posture in your mind as you work on your clients each day. Within no time, good posture will become natural and it will no longer be something you will have to worry with. Instead, worry about how to mix up the correct color to fix the client in front of you who tried to color her hair at home and mess it up.

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