How to Install Ferrules in Five Steps

Although nearly every ferrule is made out of plastic, some people purchase metal ferrules. Metal ferrules are harder to put on clubs. A normal ferrule is easy to install when you replacing the club heads on your irons or woods.

## Put the Ferrule on the Golf Shaft

Before you put your club head on the golf club, you need to put the ferrule on the golf shaft. Remember to make sure that the ferrule is pointed in the correct direction. Your ferrule might be tapered. If it is tapered, you should but the bigger end of the ferrule towards the club head.

## Put the Club Heads on the Golf Club

After you have put on the ferrule, you will need to put on the club heads. They will not stay in place by themselves. This means that you have to secure the club heads with epoxy. After you have used the epoxy, you will need to slide the ferrule to the bottom of the shaft. It should be touching the connector of the club head. Mark that area and then move it back out of the way.

## Clean the Golf Club

After you have moved the ferrule out of the way, you will need to clean off any epoxy that is left on your golf club. You can do so easily with a rag that you dip in solvent. This is important because the ferrule must be tight on the shaft. Even if you are able to obtain ferrule fittings, wiping off the epoxy is a good idea. Ferrule fittings are designed for one size and epoxy could cause your ferrule to slip.

## Apply More Epoxy

Put more epoxy in the area that your ferrule will be. After doing so, slide it into place. Let the epoxy dry for a few minutes. This will keep your metal ferrules and your normal ferrules secure.

## Clean Up Extra Epoxy

Clean up remaining epoxy with that same solvent cloth. This should be the last step. However, if there is epoxy on the ferrule, you will need to sand it. Wipe it off with the rag and it will restore the look of the ferrule.

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