How to Install Tinted Windows in a Truck

In order to install tinted windows in a pickup truck, it’s important to make certain that your windows are properly cleaned so that the adhesive used to apply the tint to the wind can adhere properly, preventing the bubbles and folds that you often see in tinted windows that are not professionally applied. The first thing you have to take into consideration, however, is whether tinting your windows is even legal in your area. Not all communities appreciate the benefits of tinted windows, and many police officers consider them downright dangerous. In truth, they’re right. Besides, you don’t necessarily have to use limo black for your car window tint to help decrease the ambient temperature of the interior of the truck from sun fading. In most cases, a 20% tint is more than sufficient to significantly cool the interior of your truck while at the same time preventing you from getting pulled over every time you leave your driveway.

To install tinted windows in your truck, you’ll need a razor blade, a clean cloth, glass cleaner, a spray bottle filled with water, and a rubber squeegee. Avoid using a plastic squeegee, as these can scratch or tear your window tint film.

Begin by cleaning the inside of the window glass on which the window tint will be installed. The best way to go about this process is to first use the razor blade to remove any stickers or other contaminants, and then use the glass cleaner with a clean rag to wipe away any remaining contaminants, including any streaks on the glass. If you are installing the tint onto the side windows, it is best to begin by rolling down the windows and removing the weatherstripping that surrounds the glass. This will allow you to install the tint more easily all the way around the window.

Next, unroll and lay out the window tint and cut off a length of the film that is equal to the length of the window you will be installing it on. Lay the tint over the outside of the window, and then trim the tint with the razor blade or a pair of scissors so that it is one inch larger than the overall size of the window.

Spray the interior of the window with water from the spray bottle, and then peel back 1/2 of the window tint’s adhesive backing and spray it down with water. Line up the four corners of the window tint adhesive, and then gently press the two corners with exposed adhesive against the interior glass of the truck. Be careful to avoid allowing the window tint’s adhesive to touch itself, or it will leave streaks in the adhesive that you will not be able to get out. Use the squeegee to gently work the water out from between the glass and the tint film. When you reach the 1/2 way point, remove the remaining adhesive backing, spray both the adhesive and the remainder of the window glass with water, and then continue pressing the water out from between the glass and the tint film until all of the air pockets and water have been expelled from the film. When this is done, wipe the entire surface with a clean rag to remove excess water.

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