How to Maintain the Proper Temperature in Your Refrigerator

Maintaining a proper refrigerator temperature is not just a question of food safety. An incorrect refrigerator temperature will also affect the taste of the food and drink stored in the fridge.

Every 5 degree increase above the proper refrigerator temperature halves the amount of time the food and drink in it will stay fresh. The expiry dates on your food and drink items are based on the assumption that you will store them at the proper refrigerator temperature and higher temperatures mean that they will spoil more quickly than they ought to. If your fridge is below the proper refrigerator temperature on the other hand, it can lead to you contracting food poisoning. So how do you go about maintaining a proper refrigerator temperature?

The proper refrigerator temperature for a domestic fridge in your home is between 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit (1.7-3.3 degrees Celsius). You need to make sure that you don’t overload your fridge as this can affect its cooling efficiency and mean it’s unable to maintain a proper refrigerator temperature. On the other hand, an empty fridge isn’t a good idea either so try to strike a happy medium.

A thermometer in your fridge can help you to maintain a proper refrigerator temperature. You can buy a basic thermometer or a digital one. Whichever type you choose, it will help you to check that the proper refrigerator temperature is being maintained.

And finally, make sure that you keep the fridge door closed as constantly opening and closing it is a major reason for a proper refrigerator temperature not being maintained.

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