How to Make a Vase with Stonex Clay

Stonex is a self-hardening, soft clay designed for hand-building, throwing on a wheel or sculpturing. The pale white clay is moist and ready to use. A simple craft to make with Stonex Clay is a vase. Make the vase using the coiling method. Dry the clay vase in a safe location to air-dry. Finish the project by painting the Stonex clay vase with acrylic paint. Note: Stonex Clay is not waterproof.

Things You’ll Need:

Plastic ice cream lid

Stonex clay
Acrylic paint
Artist paintbrush


Step 1 Place the plastic ice cream lid on a flat work surface.

Step 2 – Roll a piece of Stonex Clay into a long, snake-like shape or coil – approximately 2-inches in diameter. Continue rolling the clay until the coil is approximately ¼-inch in diameter. The length will range from 12 to 18 inches.

Step 3 – Place the coil on a flat surface so it is on a horizontal axis. Roll the right end toward the left along the length of the coil to create a spiral snail shape that’s approximately 2 inches in diameter. Break off the coil when the coiled snail shape reaches 2 inches. Tap the edge of the coil to remove any gaps.

Step 4 Place the snail shape in the center of the plastic ice cream lid. This provides ease in moving the completed vase. The snail shape now becomes the bottom of the vase.

Step 5 – Roll another 2-inch diameter piece of Stonex Clay into a snake-like rope/coil.

Step 6 – Create the outside wall of the vase by placing the coil around the outer edge of the snail shape. The coil stakes on top of itself to create the edge. Place the coil on top of itself to add height. Tap the top of the coil gently to remove all gaps after each coil is placed. Roll more coils as needed. Note: Make the shape of the vase go out by placing the new layers of cils on the outer half of the previous layer. Make the shape go in by placing the new layers of coils on the inner half of the previous coils.

Step 7 – Place the plastic lid with the finished Stonex Clay vase in a safe location to dry for 48 hours.

Step 8 – Paint the dried vase with acrylic paint. Paint the dried vase with acrylic paint.


If for some reason the clay is not moist, add water to reconstitute and use as normal.

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