How to Make and Use Coffee Pods

Do you count yourself amongst the millions of people who drink coffee everyday? They’ve sure come a long way with coffee makers, haven’t they? From the old days when you had to put the coffee pot on a stove burner, to the traditional coffee maker, to today’s one-cup numbers, the designs of coffee makers, like many things, continue to progress. Some people don’t need a coffee maker that fixes many cups at once; some people need just one cup of coffee brewed at a time. For those people, you can save money and have a handy supply of one-cup coffee portions, by making them yourself. Use the mini coffee portions at home or take them with you on the go. They’re great for when you’re traveling or to take camping.

It’s not hard at all to make your own coffee pods and, when you do, you’ll always have a single measure of coffee whenever you want it. Look around your house for a suitable container to make the “mold”. A half-cup measuring cup works well but you can also use a teacup, a bowl, or a juice glass.

Buy small coffee filters to make the individual pods. Lay a coffee filter over the chosen cup then push it down to the bottom. Spoon in a tablespoon or two. Gather the excess coffee filter and tie it shut. Use baker’s twine, thread, or even un-waxed dental floss, to tie it shut. Leave the strings hanging long. Trim the coffee filter itself to about an inch away from the tie.

Store the coffee pods in a zipper-lock bag and use them as you need them. To use, boil a cup of water, and place the pod in your coffee mug so that it’s at the bottom but the strings are hanging out and over the side of the cup. Pour the boiling water over the coffee pod and let it steep for a minute or so. If you want, hold the bag by the strings, and raise and dip, again and again, as you would with a teabag. You can lift the bag, allow the excess to drip off, then remove the bag from the cup. Or, lay the bag on a spoon, then press the backside of another spoon against it, to squeeze out the excess.

Making your own coffee pods can save you money and they are handy to take with you while you travel or camp. But, they’re just as delicious when served at home.
Homemade Coffee Pods

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