How to Make Calendar Time Come Alive for Your Kindergartener

calendar time for your student. If schools can do it, then why not you. It really is a great way to start your morning off on the right foot for your kindergarten student. By having calendar time with your at home student, you will be helping them learn the days of the week, the months of the year, and basic time telling, and counting skills. Sounds like fun right? As a homeschooling mom myself I can say from experience it really is a lot of fun to see your children get excited about learning. Below are some creative ways you can really make calendar time come alive for your homeschooler.

Oversized is best

For some reason an over sized calendar really seems to grab a child’s attention. Especially if this calendar has a lot of bright colors to it. You can buy an over sized sketch pad, and make your own calendar, and have your child help. Making your own calendar for your classroom is not difficult to do. You just copy a regular calendar and find a spot to put it up, so that your child can see it each day. It is also fun to put pictures on the month which shows the season that month falls into. For example January is a winter month, so on top of the calendar page for January you can put a snowman with a brightly colored scarf. You can even use cotton balls to make your snowman have a nice “3d” affect which your child is sure to enjoy.

Find the day

A fun activity that you can do each day with your student, is that you can have your child identify the day of the week. They can use a sticker to mark the day. If your child is not into stickers they can use a marker or crayon to cross off each day. You can also have them mark the day with a picture of what the weather is. For example if it is a sunny day, you can have them draw a picture of the a sun on that day. If it is a rainy day they can draw rain drops.

A clock and calendar go hand together

Next to your calendar you can put a large, or medium sized paper clock. You can easily make a clock out of a paper plate. It is easy to do, and you can have your child make it. Then when you do calendar time you can go over what the hands of the clock are for, and what time certain events of the day take place.

Get a book to match

A fun activity that can be done during morning calendar time is to read a book that talks about the seasons. During the spring season you can read books about spring. Do the same for all of the seasons to help your child learn.

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