How to Make the Most Out of a 400 Square Feet Apartment

I was recently asked a question from someone living in an apartment that was 400 square feet. They were at a loss as to how to use the space and make it look good. Four Hundred Square Feet is not a lot of space. But for someone like me, who loves decorating challenges, I was intrigued. What could be done with an apartment that small? Well, you can check out the image to see the floor plan I came up with. You can use the information provided in this article to come up with your own floor plan whether your apartment is 400 square feet or 1000. It will help you maximize your space for comfortable living.

Create zones. Think about how you will use the apartment. Will you work from home; even part time? Will you entertain? Will you only have time to sleep? Consider all of these things as you determine what zones you will need in your room. Some people will need mostly a place to sleep and room for lots of clothing storage. Others will need a home office and a place to hang out with friends. Diving the space as needed with sheer curtains and free standing bookshelves.

Use small-scale furniture. Stay away from king sized beds, large sofa, and large dining tables. While it is fine to have one large item in a small apartment, too many large items will crowd you out. Look at Japanese and Swedish design for ideas.

Look up for extra space. When you don’t have much floor space, you need to look at vertical space. Install a wall of bookshelves that goes all the way up to the ceiling. Consider a loft bed, so you can put your home office space or closet underneath. Hang folding chairs on the wall for extra seating.

Explore versatile furniture items. In the last few years, more and more dual use furniture items have it the market. Hide-a-beds convert to computer workstations, Sofas turn into beds that are actually comfortable. Sofas and chairs can hold a great deal of storage, and tables can grow and shrink in front of your eyes.

Trick the eye with light colors and mirrors. Dark colors can really suck up a small space. Consider a monotone color scheme in white or linen color fabrics.

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