“How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Painting, Faux Painting, or Mural Business” – Book Review

How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Painting, Faux Painting, or Mural Business

Melissa Kay Bishop

Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

1405 SW 6th Ave., Ocala, FL 34471-0640


978-1601383327, $39.95, 2011

Title of review: Clear business advice for the creative-minded, would-be professional, 4 stars

“How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Painting, Faux Painting, or Mural Business” is a step by step guide to turning a hobby or part time job into a booming money-making company. Author Melissa Kay Bishop presents this how to guide for the would-be business owner in hopes that it will ease their transition from ‘casual painter’ to ‘professional artist’.

For the artist, most efforts are centered on the creative aspects of painting. However, Bishop ensures that the potentially mundane but important business aspects are not overlooked. Her advice could be effectively used by anyone looking to start a business but her recommendations are tailored specifically to the needs of a painting company. For example, she covers insurance but then gives the various considerations and options which would best serve painters. Bonding, permits, licenses, and ethics are only some of the many subjects included. She also includes a helpful companion CD which includes applicable business forms discussed in her book as well as a business plan model which can be adapted for a variety of needs.

I was especially pleased that a color section was included in this book. The black and white pictures didn’t clearly show textures or paint techniques so the color pages really made a difference. Not all of the black and white pictures were replicated in color but that didn’t deter at all from the section’s effectiveness. I did find several editing errors; the most glaring was in the section on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Bishop refers to them as ‘spiders’ on page 162 but four pages later calls them ‘octopi’. Having read (and reviewed) several website building books, I’ve yet to see SEOs referred to as ‘octopi’. Further, this can cause confusion for those readers with no previous SEO knowledge. I also thought the basic painting techniques included towards the end of the book seemed almost like an afterthought and didn’t really belong in this book. Not only were the instructions vague, a person interested in setting up a painting business would already know the basics and not need this information. This section would be better served in a ‘faux finish 101′ how-to book.

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