How to Pick Up Women

I have worked with men from every social status in life and there is always a conversation about how to pick up women. The truth is the more men talk about the strategies they use to talk to women, what to say to them and even what opening lines to use, the farther away from their goal of having a real conversation with a woman they get.

What I mean to say is that guys have to be themselves, women can see right through us guys even if the words are romantic and perfectly orchestrated. A woman can feel a man’s intention and if what he says and what he feels don’t line up then “your outa there!” next batter up.

How to Hypnotize Any Woman

The funny thing about guys is they are like rats, guys collect all kind of advice (mostly bad) and then sit at home or hang out with their buddies and talk about how to pick up women instead of going out and trying to talk to one. The more men read about picking up on women or chicks (whatever you want to call the opposite sex) the more crap they think they have to do or say to talk with women. So, less is actually best. I believe most women would just like a guy to say “Hi, how are you?” and then just let nature takes its course, for the good or the bad.

There is no guarantee in life, many websites and books promise success in how to pick up women or promise you how to meet women with 100% success. Sorry to say that’s hogwash. Each woman is unique, if a woman likes you, then she likes you simple as that. If you’re not comfortable with yourself then a woman will not be comfortable around you. If your happy with your life and are an easy going guy, then a woman will be easy going and happy around you. That is the big easy secret, just invest in yourself have a balanced outlook on life and be happy and a woman will find you.

In the end it’s all about you, not how to pick up women , dating hundreds of women will not make you happy, only you can make yourself happy. So what do you want? Be happy and women will want to know and be around you, be sad and you will ultimately be alone.

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