How to Plan a Wedding in Two Weeks

The average wedding engagement lasts about a year because that is typically how long it takes to plan a wedding. For people who want to get married now, like in 2 weeks, it won’t be easy, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips for planning a wedding in two weeks times.

If you are pressed for time, you’d better take care of the paperwork first. Your marriage license should be the first to-do thing on your list so in case you run into a snag or two, or have a set wait time (depending on your state).

Decide who will marry you. You will need to find a judge or minister whose schedule will allow him to be present at your wedding. Ask for referrals and check the yellow pages.

Choose your wedding and reception venue. As this is a quickie wedding, you will be limited as to where you can have the wedding. If you are creative, you can still find a nice place. You can have the wedding in your home or yard. If your parents or an aunt or uncle have a nice place, perhaps you can get married there. Check your local parks and recreation center to see if there is a park area in your town you can use. Check local restaurants to see if they will allow you to have a wedding there during their off hours, or on a day when they are usually closed. Your personal church, especially if it is a small church may be able to accommodate an odd hour wedding, plus small reception.

Send email invitations. You don’t have time to fool around with engraved invitations or to worry about proper wording. Find and email template and send out your invites. Hand deliver invitations to local people who you know don’t use email. Call other people that you can’t reach by email or a short car drive.

Program an MP3 player with your wedding music and use good speakers. Pay a teenager to play certain songs on cue.

Find another teenager to videotape your wedding. Make sure they are comfortable with the video camera. Do the same for a photographer. Don’t worry about perfect photos, just catch the moment. You can always pose for wedding photos after the fact.

Food is probably going to be your biggest challenge. Remember to keep it simple. Consider getting the event catered by a regular every day restaurant like your local sandwich shop, or supermarket deli counter, or an intimate ethnic restaurant. Get your cake from the supermarket as well. They can make a lovely top tier and dozens of cupcakes for you to arrange in any number of unique designs.

Keep your wedding dress choice simple. Buy a dress off the rack at your local bridal store, or perhaps from your department store. The groom should wear a nice suit, and any bridesmaids and grooms men should also keep it simple with matching rack dresses and nice suits and matching ties.

Keep an open mind and don’t freak out when things don’t go as planned. Even weddings with a year’s planning have their bad moments. Stay in good humor and go with the flow.

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