How to Play: Ninja

Well some of you may have heard of the game “Ninja” and some of you may have been searching for an actual ninja; either way you MUST continue reading this post. Ninja is a fun multiplayer combat game. It is great for large groups of people. The rules are simple and the goal of the game is to be the last one standing. So here is a brief overview to get everyone started.

Main Goal
Hit opponent’s hand with your hand

How to Start
One person counts “3, 2, 1, Ninja” and then everyone jumps out into a crazy Ninja pose. The person who counted begins with the first attack. (Important Note: Once you are in a Ninja position, you cannot move until it is your turn to attack.)

The person who counted begins by attacking. They may attack anyone in the game. You are allowed to either jump to get into a new attack position or pivot to attack with your hands. The only forms of attack is one fluid motion. There are no such things as combos. If the attacker hits their opponents hand with their own hand, then the opponent is “dead” or out. It is then the attackers turn again. If the attacker misses, then it is the opponents turn to attack. They may attack anyone in the game.

When it is not your attack, you are on defense. You are not allowed to move your feet on defense. The only movements you may make are fluid reactionary arm movements. Like a real fight, you may move your arms to dodge an attack. If you are hit, then you are “dead” or out. If the attacker misses, then it is your turn to attack. You may attack anyone in the game.

When there are only 2 people left in the game, then a showdown begins. The two remaining people go back to back and count to three. On three, they both jump and freeze in a crazy ninja position. The “dead” players then choose who they think is in the craziest ninja position. This person is allowed to attack first. The first one to hit their opponent’s hand is the winner and “Ultimate Ninja”.

House Rules
There are always going to be changes or completely different rules to games such as Ninja. If you and a normal group of friends want to create a set of “House Rules” then feel free. The main objective of “Ninja” is to have fun.

– Justin Dorr, “How To Play: Ninja”, Yahoo! Contributor

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