The man played his violin it was daybreak, his hands didn’t feel any soreness but his heart just felt heaviness.

“Vladimir why do you play such sad music?” his mother asked.

Vladimir didn’t answer her, he just played, and his crystal blue eyes just stared in the abyss. His mind was on the music and nothing else.

His sister Eloise then spoke, “You have been playing for hours now, please Vladimir tell me what’s wrong,” she begged him.

He didn’t answer and the women left him to talk among themselves.

“Oh Eloise he won’t talk to me at all, he just plays that stupid violin,” the mother was in agony over her son’s silence.

“Mother do you think it was because of his and Roses engagement?”

She thought for awhile then spoke softly, “She died so young didn’t she but that’s been five years ago.”

“Yes mother but it’s her birthday yesterday and now that father is gone well he could be grieving differently.”

It was true he couldn’t handle what life was given to him, so he played the violin and that kept him going, it was the soft melodies that gave him only complete happiness. It was hours and hours and the music kept going. His sister and mother listened and both felt compelled to the melodies though they knew that Vladimir had what some would call a nervous breakdown.

Though they didn’t know that Vladimir while he played he saw his sweet Rose and his father, they watched him with great admiration on their faces. He even gave a slight smile to his departed ones.

“Eloise I shall retire to my room, please dear get some sleep. Tomorrow I’m sending your brother away.”

“Mother you can’t send him away!”

“I have too he’s not right my child, he needs help that is beyond our control.”

Eloise walked away from her mother and went back to her brother who was in the sitting room. His dark chestnut colored hair was strewed and his face showed little beads of sweat.

“Vladimir please stop this, mother wants to send you away.”

He finally spoke, “Eloise I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you or mother I just need this. I prayed to god and he gave me this gift, it’s different isn’t it but it helps my grief. I feel like they’re with me when I play.”

“I love you dearly,” she kissed him on the cheek.

He stopped playing, he finally stopped, “Eloise, your young, just a girl but your very bright you know that. I can’t live in the shadows or the past; I must take care of you, to see that you find your love, to see that you find your calling in life. This is selfish of me,” he placed his hand on hers.

She gave him a bright smile, “So you feel better?”

“Yes, it’s kindness that is my medicine.”

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