Virginia Beach Has a Restaurant that DC, Boston, and Atlanta Do Not!

The Yard House, the latest addition to Town Center Virginia Beach, is opening up here before locations in DC, Boston, or Atlanta do next year! This is a definite win for Virginia Beach.

In fact, most Yard House restaurants are in suburban areas; the only other large cities that have a Yard House are Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Waikiki, Kansas City, Houston, New York, and San Antonio! There are two in Las Vegas.

Yes, Virginia Beach has a restaurant that Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and Charlotte do not!

The Yard House is a new restaurant whose origins are in Southern California. In 1996 the first location opened up in Long Beach. Some stuff travels from California to Virginia, not DC, Boston, or New York to Virginia! Pundits that are afraid that Virginia Beach is becoming more like New York, or Chicago, might enjoy the fact that there are other influences on this region.

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