How many calories are in orange juice

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1 8 ounce cup of Orange Juice has 113 calories. thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many calories in orange juice?
Calories in 100ml of orange juice: 44 kcal Calories in one cup of orange juice: 122 calories
Is there such thing as diet orange juice? or orange juice w/o cal…?
yeah but obama won’t let the orange growers plant diet orange trees
What Do I Need to Know About Orange Juice if I’m Counting Calorie…?
Orange juice has about 120 calories per 250 mL serving, the same as a medium banana. Nutrition professionals recommend at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Include a glass of orange juice as one of your five daily servings…

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Did you know there are 110 calories in orange juice? Why so many calories?
Q: I was looking at this “Simply Orange” bottle and that’s exactly what it said,amazing,uh? That’s only 30 less than a coke! How come there are so many calories?
A: orange juice has alot of sugar in it. All foods have some calories you have to consider all the factors- coke has no nutrients whatsoever and is empty calories- orange juice is loaded with vitamins
How many calories is in a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice?
Q: Like, orange juice that you make yourself, not from concentrate or anything.
A: depends one orange is 35-40 calories those are the average ones but the proper big ones are like 100 colories eachhope this helps
how many calories is in 3/4 cups of orange juice?
A: Read the bottle.
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