Should I drink more

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The Magic Eight Ball says “No”. Is there anything else that ChaCha may do for you? [ Source: ]
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I’d drink the spoiled can woot. But you should probably drink soda, although pop taste better, and both are bad for you. DRINK WATER
You should drink plenty of water. Humans can only go 3 days without water and you would not want to make yourself sick. However, you should not stuff yourself with water either. Drink 8 glasses throughout the day.
Too late for you, but for others with the same question, I’ve drunk ice tea that’s been in my fridge twice as long and wouldn’t have any qualms about doing so again. (In my case, brewed rather than instant, and loosely covered, but not ai…

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What should i eat during the day to let me drink more alcohol tonight?
Q: Im going to sixth street in austin tonight. its a bar next to bar next to bar. i wanna drink alot tonight and was wondering if there is anything i should eat to help. i heard eating alot of bread will help absorb the alcohol allowing you to drink more. anyone heard of this. any ideas will be helpful
A: Eat fried foods before heading out. The food and the oil used to cook it will help with absorption. This will help with being able to last longer and not getting drunk where you can’t enjoy the night. Eating bread can also help. In addition, as some others have said, drink water in between each beer/drink when possible. If you eat too much, then I wouldn’t suggest beer b/c you’ll be too full. Good luck. 6th Street is a fun time, but also check out the other areas on either side-I believe 7th or 9th Street are a lot more laid back and not as crowded.. Austin’s a great town.
Do you think I should drink alchohol socially to be more acceptable?
Q: I do not drink alchohol and I am in my early 20’s but it seems everywhere I look I see things like “lets go talk it over a few drinks”. Do you think I should drink lightly when with other people to make me more socially accepted and that might make me lose my inibitions also?
A: sure, why not? while you’re at it, snort a little coke, too. maybe shoot some heroin, smoke a little crack. a “drink” can be a cup of coffee or a glass of tea.
Is water a diuretic and if so, how much more water should I drink to compensate?
Q: Hello I am worried because I drink 4 litres of water every day. But I have recently learned that water is a diuretic so hoiw much MORE water should I be drinking to compensate for the diuretic effect of the 4 litres? And if the answer is an extra 2 litres, then surely this would ALSO have a diuretic effect so I should really drink even more water to compensate for the further diuretic effect of the extra 2 litres. Thanks, any help would be appreciated!!
A: there is no need to adjust it was the same before as now
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