What foods stunt your growth

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There really aren’t foods that stunt your growth. But try to avoid snack foods that are high in fat and sugar. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-foods-stunt-your-growth ]
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What foods stunt growth?
Caffeine is a drug that stunts growth. Also, too much heavy lifting will stunt growth if you are a child or an adolescent. Smoking as well. I don’t think soy stunts growth, as soy has calcium in it. Take in lots of calcium if you want to gr…
Does eating to much junk food stunt your growth?
if your not getting enough nutrition it can stunt your growth
Will lack of food stunt growth?
hi i am going to try my best to answer you question. let me start by asking why do you eat so little? it is very important for you to have lots of fruit,veggies and milk. i think you will hit your growth spurt soon, you voice will change…

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Does weightlifting at the age of 14-15 stunt your growth?
Q: I am a boy, and I lift 15 lbs 8reps x 3, once every 3 days. Will this stunt my growth? Does lack of sleep (4 hrs/night)? Does eating certain foods stunt growth? basically, for 10 PTS, answer what factors can stunt growth, and was any of the 3 factors above one of them?
A: Not with that kind of exercise. If you were younger then yes heavy body building could stunt your growth as well as cause problems later on in life with your bones and joints. But by your age you’re developed enough to be lifting more and more often. What you should really be doing though is an around healthy routine – some cardio as well, strength training, endurance.There are basically two major factors that can stunt your growth. 1. Your genes. You are genetically predisposed to be a certain height baring any outside factors.2. Your diet. It is important for you eat healthy and exercise regularly. Eating right (with lots of water) will help insure you have the nutrients and energy you need to function and develop properly. And exercise will help strengthen your bones and muscles allowing you to be more healthy and grow to an optimum height.You should avoid consuming large amounts of caffeine as well as body building supplements – especially steroids as they can stunt your growth.
Can eating a lot of junk food stunt your growth in height?
Q: My mother thinks im getting too fat from junk food, that im not growing up,,, im growing out and she thinks its stopping my growth. IM 16 and a half
A: Well, eating a lot of junk food can stunt your growth, as it focusses on growing out and not up. If you cut down the junk food, get daily exercise and eat a healthy diet, you’ll get taller. (Just to share with you) In my family, it’s normal for the men to reach a height of 6’5″ by the time they’re done growing. If you still don’t grow very much taller after changing your diet, then it may just be in your genes. Also, the women in my family would only get as tall as 5’8″, so either your mom is right, or you’re just close to reaching your maximum height.
Whats some good foods to stunt growth of tallness?
Q: I’m 13 and 5’3.75. I’m taller than everyone in my grade. I hate it! Please don’t tell me that I’m a good height. Thanks!
A: Ok, First off you are much shorter then I am. I too am also 13 and i am like 5.7 or something! I hate being the tallest in my class to. I know that eventually everyone in my class will catch up… i also wanted to know how to stop my body from growing(height wise). I found out that Coffee stunts your growth! But i don’t want to start drinking coffee and its a nasty habbet anyways! So i finally came to a conclusion that I should just be happy with my height, and everyone will soon catch up to me! Im not a freak for being tall and neither are you! So be happy with your height for now!
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