How bad is our worlds water supply

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The demand for fresh water in our world over the next 30 years is far outstripping the supply. One sixth of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. More than 2 million people die each year from water-borne diseases. [ Source: ]
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What is the total water supply of the world?
The total water supply of the world is 326 million cubic miles (1 cubic mile of water equals more than 1 trillion gallons).
How Does Global Warming Affect The Worlds Water Supply?
Yes, the higher temperature causes the water to evaporate, and in some areas it causes the icebergs to melt creating more water
Did you know that nestle controlls the worlds water supply!?
Water has not always been sold to the public, there were times when if one wanted water one would go down to the river and get it. Now, however, water companies like vivendi reroute rivers into dams and in some places consider it a crime to…

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What do you think of this story. Differant from normel styles, critizium accepted?
Q: A Second Childhood Catching falling books, I tell myself to hurry up, I don’t want to be late to Mr.Sefre’s class, he would kill me. Mr.Sefre teaches us about space, about ecology, biology. He teaches us Year Eight Science.I run to class, frantically clutching the pages of my book as it is about to fall.Just in time, I make it just as they’re walking into the empty classroom.Mr.Sefre calls the roll and then asks us for our projects.I hand in my space project which is presented on violet card. Everything is about presentation and the written work.I don’t mind doing it, I enjoy learning new things, but sometimes there are things that us kids, just don’t need to know, yet anyway.Since entering high school, I’ve learnt things, some that have crushed my beliefs, that have made me stop and think about what will later happen in the world, what will happen?There is a lot of pressure on our generation to perfect the world. We are being taught that the temperature in our world is increasing and that “our kids” are going to grow up in harsh climates and that they are not going to see the natural beauties of our world.Antarctica is melting, elephants are becoming extinct, our water supply is running out, sure we need to know these things but whatever happened to just enjoying every minute that we are alive?Curiosity isn’t a sin, but it can deliver bad things just as if it is.Mr.Sefre is pleased with my project and I score a B+. The bell rings and that instant everyone rushes out of class to their lockers.Is there not enough time? Precious minutes that some people in hospital are just gripping onto, are just living, experiencing, are slipping away and the people here, just take every second for granted.Thirty seconds is all that some people have left to say goodbye, but everyone here is just wasting time by bad mouthing their so called friends and teasing innocent children?Some things in life just aren’t fair, but what would life be if everything was fair?We will never know, because I’m afraid that it will never happen.I am glad to see the end of the day, end of yet another school week.I get my homework out of my locker and then hop onto the bus.Collapsing onto my bed, the phone rings. My mum answers it and chats for a while.I close my eyes and imagine a fantasy world, where fairies and dinosaurs really do exist.i’m 13 and have written this in my spare’s called “A second childhood” because it’s about a girl (me) realizing, that our generation is growing up to fast and all these things are happening and how i realize that im still young and that all these things arn’t true.please NO copyright
A: for 13 years of age i think your writng sounds very promising. i just suggest that you should put more emphasis on descriptive language and not jump from event to event so quickly as stories are detailed and should flow. but i do think your writing is good so well done 😀 x
Who here hasn’t seen charts of what the Fed did to the money supply at the end of last year? Support an audit?
Q: 1207 by Ron Paul has 260 cosponsors in the House, more than enough to pass it in a vote on the House floor assuming Pelosi and Frank allow it to get there. With something like 25 more sponsors, it can be passed on petition without ever leaving committee.S 604 in the Senate is the companion bill and Nelson and other Dems blocked De Mint adding it as an amendment to another bill containing many audit provisions. The Fed has hired Enron’s lobbyist to fight the bill, and banks (shareholders of the Fed branches) are hiring PR firms to ‘counter populist overreaction’ to the bailouts and Fed banking practices. told Ron Paul in a hearing that he was making things more transparent but would resist audit of monetary policy, which as RP pointed out, was the main point. Ron Paul asks why should they have ‘independence’ to the point of secrecy to bailout their friends and branch shareholders with vast increases of our money supply, making each dollar in circulation worth less.Kohn, the Fed Vice Chair said in hearing on Friday that if the world so much as KNEW WHAT THE FED WAS DOING there would be disaster, inflation and higher interest rates.Looking at the chart above, the first link, you will see that the multiplication of the money supply already means dollars are worth less, so there would be inflation (and the Fed would react with higher interest rates, as is basic Fed monetary policy.)Why would letting the Fed work in secrecy be a good idea if what they are doing is so bad it would cause those results?Also, suddenly Goldman Sachs is profitable, and wants to pay huge bonuses, but we don’t know much about that either. Even the financial news giant the Rolling Stone has pointed out how much intertwining there is between Goldman Sachs, the Fed and both the prior and current administration.To me that all points to more need to audit the fed. Don’t we need to know what they are doing and what sort of deals they are cutting with our money?If you agree, will you contact your reps/Senators to support HR 1207 and S 604 AS IS not in a watered down version exempting out what the Fed doesn’t want looked at?I’ll get the links to Reps so you can see if yours already supports it, but even if they do they need to hear this is important because if it comes to getting the bill discharged by petition and passed, rather than leaving it to Pelosi and Frank to bring to the floor, that will take more backbone than merely cosponsoring the bill.What do you think?Note on the chart, the biggest jump in monetary supply was from October last year through February of this year. This does NOT depend on which party is in power.By the way, here is the Rolling Stone article:, I’ll take an audit… then if it shows what we expect, abolishing it.Here is the link to HR 1207 cosponsors, remember that if the link dies you can refresh it by putting ‘bill number’ as your selection then putting HR1207 into the search pane, and pushing search.|/bss/111search.html|As of Friday there were 1 sponsor and 8 cosponsor Senators on board with S 604, which we are just starting to push, so I will list those: Bernie Sanders is the Sponsor in the Senate,COSPONSORS(8), BY DATE Sen DeMint, Jim [SC] – 6/11/2009 Sen Vitter, David [LA] – 6/16/2009 Sen Crapo, Mike [ID] – 6/25/2009 Sen Isakson, Johnny [GA] – 7/8/2009 Sen Chambliss, Saxby [GA] – 7/8/2009 Sen Brownback, Sam [KS] – 7/8/2009 Sen Inhofe, James M. [OK] – 7/9/2009 Sen Burr, Richard [NC] – 7/9/2009 BernieLast week DeMint wasn’t allowed to attach it as an amendment, but he will bring it up again. The Senate isn’t like the House where typically the speaker has to bring the legislation to the floor. That is why we need more cosponsors to HR1207 to get around that requirement that she bring it to the floor.
A: Interesting how the dip in the monetary base (2-11-09/2-11-09) coincides exactly with the plunge to 6,500 in the DOW. to 6m chart)No funny-money, no economy?
RAISE YOUR VOICE AGAINST FAST FOOD!! Fast food is absolute c**p! Agree or disagree?
Q: As you know fast food is bad for you, but i’m guessing people really haven’t thought about just how bad it actually is. As for the people producing this c**p, all they care about is the money, they hide the truth about their food with their misleading adds and a false smile to go. I know there is alot of other things happening in our world, but it is too much to ask to get at least one of them straightened out? Share all the truths you know about fast food places such as McDonalds, and hopefully people will listen. Heres something I know: You wanna know how the McDonalds meat patties are made? Well meat factories supply many places; supermarkets, restaurants, and of course fast food places like McDonald’s. At these factories the workers cut the fat off the meat and give the good meat to supermarkets etc. These off cuts, which are basically just fat are minced, then some white chemicals (i’m not sure what) are added to preserve it I think. Well, the patties created are a baby pink colour because of all the fat, which is really not natural! This is then frozen and taken to McDonald’s who sell this cheap c**p to everyone, and pretend it’s not that bad for you because they add a single piece of lettuce or some tomato!I’m only 16 but have seen enough to stop me from ever returning to McDonald’s again. Try watching some of those anti-junk food documentaries, it will do you some good because although they can be slightly weird people, what they are saying about how it is all made and how bad it is for you is all correct!This is the second time I’ve posted this so thankyou everyone for your contribution! Heres some of the previous comments:Shane – Agreed. McDonalds is bad. Check out this website:http://www.mcspotlight.orgBobbette – I totally agree. Fast food is evil!Ever seen “Super-size Me”? If fast food wasn’t bad, then what happened to the guy wouldn’t have happened (even if he did the same experiment).Real Moms Raise Their Children – There’s horrible truths about everything…The air we breatheThe oil we put in our carsThe GovernmentEven putting Vicks in your nostrilsEverything, it seems, gives you cancer, makes you fat, does this, does that. You can make good choices, though, even with fast food. Like, I know Burger King has delicious healthy salads that are wonderful. I’m sure there’s some truth to what you say about the patties, considering how cheap they are…but most people really don’t care…most people don’t want to know. They just know it’s convenient and cheap. Many people don’t have the time to make a home cooked meal. Most people don’t have the money to use only organic, wholesome ingredients. Everything, though, seems to be bad for you. You can pick and choose what you want to be extra careful with. For me, I feel disposable diapers are not good or healthy for the environment or the baby, so we use cloth diapers. But I do eat at McDonalds sometimes, and I’m still alive and okay. I drink tap water sometimes, even though it’s full of stuff that I don’t really want to think of. But I’m glad that you are aware of your surroundings as a sixteen year old. If you can, take a stand and do something in the name of what you believe in. You have a good future, and the world needs more people like you, people who care and who see reality beyond the pretty commercials and signs.I watched Supersize Me. It wasn’t quite enough to stop me from eating out, as I was eating the junk a week later. ♥ Nichole[never gives up]♥ – Some of the food tastes awesome, but I 100% agree that it is unhealthy and should only be eaten on a rare occasion. I know that at the McDonald’s in my area, a lot of the items come prepackaged. My brothers girlfriend works at McDonald’s. The sweat tea? It’s stored in the back in huge containers. Fries? Can sit out for hours and they will still serve them. I have been to several fast food restaurants in the summer and have seen behind the counter flies landing on the food. Of course I didn’t order! I’m not too educated on what goes into their products, but just by the grease and the effects on my own body, I know it’s literally poison. I do know that a lot of fast food places as well as brands of groceries add additives, which in turn make you become addicted. That’s how I become addicted to Pepsi.
A: The only places I’ll eat now are Subway, Panera (some things) and Dunkin Donuts (as long as it’s “simple” food that’s impossible to doctor-up with chemicals, etc. And I always check their nutrition facts online or at the store. (Panera makes theirs readily available in a binder at the front of the store). Personally, I’ve found that fast food places make it very hard to be a vegetarian (as I am). This is in no small part because of the cattle and agri-meat businesses that make gazillions every day through the sale of their meats to fast food places like Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s, etc. The scary thing is that the meat isn’t even from the United States, it’s from Mexico, South America, etc. (basically, whereever it’s cheapest on any given day). It’s purchased by middle-men companies so that the fast food businesses that buy it can maintain plausible deniability – in other words they didn’t buy it so they can’t be held responsible if it contains chemicals like pesticides and HGH, antibiotics over and above what the FDA deems “safe” HA! And the FDA cannot POSSIBLY test all the meat coming from these places. They must spot check instead, and that is like 1 lb. of meat out of every 1 million pounds. This is how much of a meat-obsessed society we have become. I dare say Atkins got very wealthy by the meat industry, constantly toting his message of “meat, meat, meat” to those who are heavy in large part due to the fact that they eat TOO MUCH FAST FOOD!!! What a crock. Fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nut meats are the way to go. Don’t let anyone tell you that we should eat meat because we have a biological imperitive to do so. Human’s didn’t start off eating meat, but as eaters of nuts and berries. We were vegetarians way before we had to resort to meat eating (or what I call pseudo cannibalism). There is NO irrefutable scientific evidence that proves meat eating is healthier than a diet of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nut meats. Just ask any cardiologist. No one ever keeled over from eating a salad. Make a cow’s day. Eat an apple.
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