How do you tame a tiger

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Vets believe that they are simply born not to become one and are, by nature, dangerous. They carry diseases with them and MORE [ Source: ]
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Cover yourself in cow blood and wrestle them.
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How do you tame a tiger?
Q: Do you stuff a white sock in it’s mouth or what?
A: OUCH! THAT HAS TO HURT!I thought a good way to tame a tiger was to give the pitcher a baseball and ask him to throw someone out.
Rate my Poem?
Q: Black roses that bleed whiteEach drop of milk white blood glides down the side of the pitch black petalOf a confused rose.No other color can reach inside and take down the wall that is allowing it to be un- beautiful I tried to tell you that sometimes roses that bleed whiteAre just defining our selves. They hold its own meaningWondering why each time the thick white blood falls, it has to be like an un-tamed tiger. Just waiting to strike Does it show you how it feels by the way it looks at you? Does it hold its own life within it? Can you see the swollen eyes on the other end? These are the questions that I strive to answer, every time I look in the mirror. Am I a black rose that bleeds white?
A: Hmm, I think you tried to be a little too philosophical in the end. The poem is alright, but you sort of went too far in the end with all the questions. You also seemed to try too hard to make this a dramatic poem… try exploring the imagery of the poem (the rose) more and leave the philosophical theorising to the professionals. You’re supposed to be a poet, not Dr. Phil.Very few poets get away with being philosophical and still having a good poem. You didn’t.
Can you help me with my poem?
Q: Hi everyone, please help me with my poem This poem is about ak47 and how it has been seen wrongly by the world.It was October, year 1947 and 1,A weapon was born and our hearts it won,Beautifully crafted with iron and steel,blessed by the Russians with the gift to kill,Many has tried and all has fail,Only in the hand of one will it prevail,One who can tame the fiercest tigers,With a good sight of aim,And a man who knows no pain,All is left is for ak47 to do wonders,AK47 you are my beauty, You are my curse,as i plant the bomb in the body of a corpse,I have nothing else to say but to wrap it up,Make a small prayer to God, and blew it up.Wait wait. I know some of you must think im crazy to write about ak47. But im not im sriting coz i play game and i love to use that weapon in game.Thank you for the rest who post some helps and tips. More pls.Im a 12 year old kid, im sorry my english is weak. But i have to write a poem which i did but all i need now is just some feedbacks and some help abit here and there. Hope im not asking for too much.
A: nice but ended too fast
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