How does leukemia spread

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All types of leukemia begin in a cell in the bone marrow. It is a genetic disease and is passed on and/or caused through mutation. [ Source: ]
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Leukemia is spread through the blood instead of through the organs like other cancers. But the organs that are involved in blood making are also effected.
All types of leukemia begin in a cell in the bone marrow. It is a genetic disease and is passed on and/or caused through mutation.
Leukaemia starts in the bone marrow and spreads to the blood. As the leukaemia cells grow and multiply, they gradually replace more and more healthy blood cells. They may build up in certain parts of the body – for example the lymph nodes ,…

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How fast does Leukemia spread?
Q: Two months ago my father was given a clean bill of health by his physician. He previously had lung cancer and it was treated with chemo. Last week he was diagnosed with Leukemia and was given 2 to 3 days to live. He died the next day. Can Leukemia develop and spread that quickly?
A: I’m so sorry.Yes, secondary leukemia can develop quickly and there is little anyone can do to stop the progression. Your father had already been heavily pre-treated and the chemotherapy could have triggered the leukemia. His doctor should be able to explain this to you if you called him. There is really no way of knowing for sure unless you talk to the doctor.But, in general, leukemia that comes on that quickly is considered a secondary cancer to the lung cancer. There are journals and articles written about this type of response. There really isn’t anything that anyone could have done at that point.’ve known several patients that have passed away quickly after developing a secondary cancer. Children are generally more susceptible to this than adults. This doesn’t happen to everyone and there is no way of determining yet who is at risk for developing a secondary cancer.So sorry this happened to you. Take care.
How long does it take for feline leukemia vaccine to start working?
Q: I found out today my six year old male cat tested positive for feline leukemia. I vaccinated him january 2007 with a vaccination from Tractor Supply. This year I vaccinated him but not for FeLV unknowingly. I didn’t realize how far spread this disease was. The vet want’s me to get him tested in a month to see if he’ll test positive, but the wait is killing me and I pray it will come out negative. My cat is one of a kind and I hope I didn’t cut his life short by being uneducated.It tears me up inside knowing that his life is coming to a end earlier then expected. Is there anything I can do to help him fight the disease off?
A: Sorry your cat has FLV. There is not a lot you can do or him.
How do I make a support code for myspace?
Q: I have a myspace supporting a little girl with leukemia. We would really like to spread the word by making a support code to post out in bulletins but aren’t sure how to make one.
A: “support codes” are a violation of the myspace terms of service
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