Is cancer a chronic illness

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In medicine, a chronic illness is long-lasting or recurrent. The top chronic illnesses are heart disease, cancer, & diabetes. [ Source: ]
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Is Exercise or Rest Better for Patients with Cancer or Chronic Il…?
The medical community, fitness professionals and physically active people with chronic disease all agree that the benefits of exercise are very significant. When engaged in at moderate levels, exercise allows the organ systems to positively…
Why fund human cancer and chronic illness research when there are…?
According to American Cancer Society 2007 cancer statistics, cancer accounts for 1 out of 4 deaths in the U.S. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 90 million Americans live with chronic illnesses and chr…
How effective is energy healing for treating chronic illness, esp…?
In my experience, energy healing always has a positive effect in the sense that it creates changes in the energy field, which have the potential to restore balance. It is important, though, to realize that a healer only provides an environm…

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What is the website that a person can provide updates about their chronic illness or cancer?
Q: I’m looking for a specific one but I can’t remember it. I’ve searched the web and cant’ find it. It allows people who are ill to upload pictures and updates on their condition. There are 2 people I know currently using it, they both have cancer but I can’t remember the site.TIA
What is wrong with counseling the elderly with end of life care if they have a chronic illness or cancer?
Q: and the have only a few months to live? Why would we waste all of that money and effort to treat the person? So they could live longer in pain? Or is it better to be put on hospice, and be comfortable, instead of prolong their death? Why the heck would we do that? All these people with their scare tactics against Obama and health care reform… Any one who had an 85 year old mother with terminal 4 lung cancer and was adamant about treating her with chemo is absolutely the most self person I’d ever know. What a waste…Planet-thankyou. I am so sick of those GOP’s and their lies and scare tactics. They are a bunch of a**ho*** greedy pigs, picking up their checks from the insurance and drug lobbyists.Breaking-show me that line where seniors will get hospice counseling every5 years. What a bunch of BS. Is it telling them they should have a health care directive? Because EVERYONE should have one of those.It’s the patient’s decision! Why would you have a problem with them getting counceling regarding hospice? The will recieve counseling, then CHOSE whether or not they want hospice. And it should not be their “snotty” adult child choice whether or not they go on hospice or recieve chemo. It should be the patient’s.
A: I agree with most of what you are saying. When my 83 year old father got lung cancer he refuses chemo and lived his last months the way he wanted. Hospice is great.The Obama end of life counseling in the health care plan is about setting up wills, medical directives and power of attorney which we should all do but put off. It makes a huge difference to families when this stuff is done ahead of time for a terminally ill person.ETA: The counseling if OFFERED every 5 years but it’s voluntary and there is nothing to stop an elderly person from having one of their kids there with them so they “don’t get talked into something” they don’t want. I’d be willing to bet you’d go to your own lawyer for the actually documents and the counseling just outlines what the options are.
For people with chronic illnesses, what do you think is the worst part of your illness?
Q: I’m a writer working on a book to help people who are dealing with chronic illnesses (an illness that you have for a long period of time and that is debilitating to such a degree that it has changed your lifestyle).If you’d like to give me more data that I can use as research for this book, I have an online survey at that I’d appreciate people taking as well as responding to this question.I want to write a book, from a Christian perspective, that meets the needs of those with chronic illnesses. I myself have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 6 years, my mother just had a mild stroke and my father has been going through chemo for cancer. I see a great need for such a book out there and I’d like to be the one to provide it. The more information I get from people who struggle with these kinds of illnesses, the more I can tailor my book to their needs.Thank you in advance for your help.These are really great things for me to know. I can really understand what many of you are saying. With my CFS, I get tired of hearing people say, “I’m just sooo tired.” Especially when I know they can’t possibly be as exhausted as I am.I’m going to extend it just so I can get more if they are out there. Thank you so much for helping me!
A: For the fact that it is chronic, that is has effected every part of my life, that my illness is invisible…meaning I look fine on the outside but I am really sick.I have Lupus and Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS) and it is really hard to predict how I am going to feel from day to day. Then there is the side effects to the meds, weekly trips to the hospital for blood tests. Friends who have bailed – well obviously they weren’t real friends and the ones who are left still don’t get it and really don’t want to hear about it and think it must be nice to be on disability. NOT!I will check out your survey!
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