Is chronic peeing in the bed a disease

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It can be a disease. It may be mental and you might have to see a doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is chronic peeing in the bed a disease
It can be a disease. It may be mental and you might have to see a doctor. ChaCha!

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What kind of doctor should I see for SEVERAL symptoms? GP didn’t help much…?
Q: Well I’ve had medical problems for 4 years now, and it all started with sleep issues. Only 3 things have been actually diagnosed so far, and those are: hypoglycemia, mild obstructive sleep apnea, and general insomnia (idiopathic, basically they don’t know the cause).The only solutions they’ve offered over the years are pills and a few tests… The tests showed sleep problems and low blood sugar but the other blood tests came back okay. The urinalysis had 4 flagged parts but the doctor didn’t say anything about it… weird.Addiction runs in my family so I’m very against pills for that reason, and because I don’t like being dependent on any chemical. I took sleeping pills for a while but abused them, and abused benzo’s for anxiety, and stopped both. Now I take Adderall for ADD symptoms and fatigue (even though I never had attention problems as a kid) but I feel like it’s too strong and hope to get off it soon.Anyways, the symptoms are: -Headaches everyday, usually dull but sometimes throbbing-Insomnia, waking up at night, sleeping in 10-14 hours if I don’t set the alarm, extreme difficulty waking up-Fatigue; without Adderall I can barely function let alone get out of bed-Joint pain in every joint, hypermobile joints (I’ve torn ligaments before and can bend most things very disgustingly)-Somewhat fragile bones, I’ve broken many things from mild accidents-Blood on the tissue when I blow my nose, and it’s been getting more frequent and more blood recently-Difficulty concentrating (I know I’m not ADHD, it just seems that way from being so tired)-Ear aches, hearing a whining noise all the time, constant ear infections, pretty bad hearing-Chronic sinus infections (every time I go see the doctor) and one side of my nose has been stuffed for a long time-Getting sick all the time… And I really mean it, my friends say “dude you’re ALWAYS sick with something”-Heart palpitations (even when I’m not taking adderall)-Stomach pain, and pain in other parts of the abdomen sometimes-Blood in my stool-I always feel like I have to pee, even after going to the bathroom-Anxiety… but I did a pretty good job of counseling myself through this during my clonazepam withdrawalsSo I went to my general practitioner a couple weeks ago, told him most of this stuff – and all he did was clean out my ears and refer me to a pediatric orthopedist… he thinks it’s strange that I have pains all over (especially my back) and hypermobility, as well as many breaks and fractures. He mentioned a few diseases that you have from birth but don’t show up until later in life, but said not to worry about it until the appointment….The thing is, that orthopedist can definitely help with the joint stuff but EVERYTHING else will go untreated. I don’t know what kind of doctor has experience in multiple fields…… Bottom line is, I’m sick of being so sick. I want things to go back to normal, and be healthy. I eat normally, try to stay on a good sleep cycle, exercise daily, take vitamins, and do whatever I can yet it’s not too effective.I’d also like to know if any of these symptoms could be from one thing, or just multiple coincidental things.Sorry for the extremely long question but… this has been getting to me.Thanks.
A: The symptoms described I believe are not from one ailment alone, and to answer this question to the most detailed degree would involve much more diagnostic procedure or at least results from any previous work that has been done. In an effort to help you narrow this down, i would advise that you see a vascular specialist to cover a broad range of these issues. Now the consistency that i can observe here is possibly a thinning in the walls of your vascular system, and combined with arteriosclerosis, can cause arrhythmia, leading to another slew of other symptoms, including some of the sleep issues described. This is what I can offer you given the information provided, and i hope all goes well for you.
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