Is there such thing as a lock jaw

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Yes. Tetanus, commonly called lockjaw, is a serious bacterial disease that affects muscles and nerves. [ Source: ]
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Is there such a thing as lockjaw in fish?
Oscar can go up to 2 weeks or longer without food. There is a chance that his mouth has been hurt by the fish. Offer food after a day or two (pellets or frozen food, never feed feeder fish), and if he eats then he is fine, regardless of how…

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please read! about amazing you like these dogs?how can we help comunitys realize there loyal dogs?
Q: i know i posted this yesterday but i want more people to see it because apbt are amazing dogs!I know that many people think that “pit bulls”are vicious and i’ve been doing school papers and articles on this subject for years to try to convince people otherwise. i just want to share a few facts that might change your mind about this breed(actually these breeds).the term pit bull is used to classify more than one breed of dog.the three main breeds are the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier..many american pit bull terriers make excellent therapy/service dogs.they only get a bad rep because of neglectful irresponsible ownersmany breeds of dogs that are more than one breed mixed can look like any of the three terriers classified as pit is a great dane boxer mix something was to happen and this dog were to attack someone you know that the head line of the ad the attack was put it would read “pit bull attack”here is a terrier rottweiler mix this dog attacked someone everybody would be screaming pit bull attack..another myth is that pit bulls have lock jaws. well for one there is no such thing as a lock jaw and by saying pit bull does that automatically mean any dog with a stocky build has a lock jaw? what about this labrador great dane mix? huh? is this a pit bull 2?this is the staffordshire bull terrier the american staffordshire terrier and heres the oh so vicious american pit bull terrier understand many people still arent going to agree with me. i dont want statics of killings because most of those arent true.i dont want 2 many rude comments. just please state your opinion nicely. feel free to email me. so my questions are how i could help communitys realize that these breeds are loyal amazing dogs? and how do you feel about these breeds?
A: For 13 1/2 yrs i had an APBT named Lucy. Lucy was a typical dog. she loved her ppl, long walks at the park, a ball thrown around the yard. then one day a little baby came home, and Lucy was very curious. she peeked in the crib, and stood very still to inspect this new creature. this new creature was joined by another little screaming creature a couple years later, both boys. Lucy found them very interesting indeed. she mothered them, she followed their every move. she tolerated pulled ears, and squirmy little limbs. she accepted tons of hugs, kisses, and secrets. She proteced them one day from a rattle snake. she suggled in their beds and enjoyed years of playing make-believe.many yrs went by and all the sudden a new little baby came home again! Lucy was beaming…oh what fun would this be to have a sweet one again. this time it was a little girl. Lucy enjoyed dress up and dolls, and long talks. then a year later another little creature joined her pack this time a boy. Lucy laid very still and watched as tiny little hands reached for her. She kissed his fingers and sniffed his toes. she laid by him and watched him as if he was so very facinating. at that point i realized what my beloved Lucy was doing. she was soaking up as much love and time as she could. you see, Lucy’s health had been failing this last few years, and she wasn’t her old self. you could see in her eyes how she wanted to run and play w/the boys, how she longed to be w/them.she was still able to lay her head in my 1 yr old (at the time) daughter’s lap and listen to all her silly babble. she was still able to lay very still while my littlest one explored her face, her collar her ears.and at the end she was still able to give them each a single kiss before she passed away and crossed the rainbow bridge. NEVER did that amazing dog ever raise a paw or a tooth to my 4 children.some ppl would say we were lucky. i’d say well sure we were, lucky to know better than to listen to myth and media hype.some ppl would say she was just raised right, well sure but we know the real truth.Lucy might have been an APBT, but in all honesty, she was just a typical dog…looking for a typical family to offer a lifetime of love.
So a bad thing happened to me today…?
Q: Info that you may wonder: Im a 16 year old girl. For about 3 years I have been having problems with my right side of jaw were it locks and clicks and stuff. I never really thought much of it until it started hurting to eat a couple of months ago and I could also barely open my mouth because it kept locking. So I went to my local surgery and the stupid doctor just said, ‘yeah you should get that checked out’ and I just thought uhhh i thought that was why I was here. I ended up getting a hospital appointment and he told me I had ‘temporomandibular syndrome’ and chewing gum was the problem and it would never go so I would be exiled to a jaw that makes its own music for the rest of my life. A couple of days later I was at my six monthly dentist check up and we told him about the problem, he said it could be because of my wisdom teeth causing the alinement in my jaw to move and that braces should probably fix it, bear in mind that I have been waiting for braces for 3 years so I was really pleased because my teeth are the reason why I don’t like the way I look and I thought oh great two birds, one stone. But, I had also been refered to the School of Dentistry by the hospital and when I got there my ‘too cocky for his own good’ dentist was such a degrading man! I told him the problem and he said about a mouth guard because I clench my teeth and then I mentioned that I would be getting braces and he laughed at me and said ‘no your not’, as if i should know? and I asked him why and he replied in such a friendly manner ‘nobody would touch ye with that problem’. He also liked to point out that I had a crossbite on my right side (in his words) ‘a coincidence, JUST A COINCIDENCE NOW!’ ‘So there it went, my only hope to like myself and then some, gone within a second, not only because I find out my way to liking myself has deteriorated but the degrading manner in which he said it. Maybe im over-reacting and looks aren’t everything but my God am I sick of having to tell myself to be confident every minute i’m out. Then he whips out the mixture of making impressions and I have to lie in his stupid dentist chair while he sticks slimy green stuff into my teeth while Im already holding back tears. Making even more of a fool of myself I walk into the reception to my ‘daddy’ (in this case) and cry like a 10 year old whilst onlookers wonder on. I know this is really long I just needed to get this out of my system. Has anything even remotely similar happened to anyone? Did you get braces in the end ? DOES THE CLICKING EVER STOP?!?! Thankyou for reading all you brave people who made it to the bottom. Even if nobody reads it, i feel like I got a lot of my chest. damn dentist!
A: Please go to an Actual Orthodontist to get a consultation on whether you need braces or not. A crossbite can be corrected with braces. Chewing gum, grinding your teeth, and a bite that is out of alignment can All affect your TMJ (temporomandibular joint). So in effect they were all somewhat correct. The braces may not totally fix the joint issue, but it sounds like you really want to straighten your teeth so go for it, Get that Consultation. There are also TMJ specialists that can give you excercises and possible other therapy to help the joint problem.
Fact or fiction? These are things I’ve heard or read in my life and I’m curious if they are true.?
Q: If any of these are not true, then how did the “myth” come about, and what is the truth?1. Pit bulls have a locking jaw.2. When big breeds are puppies, don’t exercise them too much or they can get joint problems(including hip dysplaysia).3. Dogs that were bred for dog fighting may be friendly with humans and other pets, they are still prone to be dog aggressive(as in abnormally prone, obviously any dog can be aggressive when not properly socialized).4. When a toy breed breaks it’s leg, the vet cannot fix it because it is too small a bone.5. Working avalanche Saint Bernards used to carry a keg of beer(or something like that)around their neck.6. Most toy breeds bark more than bigger breeds, even if they are just a toy version of a bigger breed(Toy Poodle, Miniature Pinscher).7. People tend to like dogs with round heads and big eyes(such as the Chihuahua)because they resemble a human baby.8. There is no such breed with a naturally bobbed tail(I know that some Australian Shepherds have a natural bob, but I‘m talking about if all the dogs-of a breed-have a natural bob).9. Bulldogs can’t swim.10. Different colors of the same breed tend to have slight temperament differences.11. Basenjis may get along with other dogs, but they don’t get along very well with other Basenjis.12. Male Collies(the rough kind)have more of a ruff than the females.13. Lassie was played by a male Collie.So many great answers! It’s gonna take a lot of thinking to choose a best lol.
A: I will do my best with what I know:1. Absolutely a MYTH. If Pit Bulls had a locking jaw, they would be an entirely new species.2.Hip Dysplaysia is entirely genetic. Amount of excercise a dog gets at any point in it’s life does not determine whether or not he has hip dysplasia. But excessive exercise as a youngster may cause other joint problems, but I am not sure..3. Dogs who were bred for fighting can have a tendancy to be aggressive toward other dogs, but with extensive training and early socialization this can be greatly reduced, or even eliminated. But the best way to prevent dog aggression is with Excellent breeding, and early training and socialization. And yes, a dog who is dog aggressive can still be friendly to all humans.4. False. If a toy breed breaks his leg, it can be corrected through surgery (depending on the break) but it often requires an orthopedic surgeon.5. I have heard both for this one, that it is true, and also that it is false.6. I don’t know. But a miniature pinscher is not related to a Doberman Pinscher.7. True! A lot of people like dogs that resemble a human baby: large round head, large eyes, ‘baby face.’ Not all people like this, but many do. And these dogs tend to be the most spoiled.8. Not sure. I have read that Old English Sheepdogs have their tail cropped close to their body, IF they were not born with a naturally bobbed tail. But I have never bred Old English Sheepdogs, or Any dogs.9.Not sure, haven’t tried it.10. I have not noticed this11. I have never heard of or seen this.12. Not sure – but I know they chose a male dog to play Lassie based solely on the way his coat looked.13. True, they chose a male collie because female collies tend to shed their coat more than males in spring and fall. They needed a dog who would continue to look the same during all seasons. That is what Lassies’ trainer said anyways.
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