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On a plane, if the passenger in your seat before serious gas, then you are sitting on a cushion full of disease-causing microbes. [ Source: ]
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What is scary?
scary is something that you are afraid of and never wan to come in contact with
Where is the scary?
south east asia
Can you send me a scary fact?
When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop …. even your heart! That is a little scary.Want more? ASK

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what are some scary government fact and stories?
Q: im trying to make a short film like “The Hills Have Eyes” you know how its based on the government droping bombs in New Mexico,we’ll something like that.
A: Snopes has a government legends section…some are pretty scary. One (kinda weird) Texas honoring the Boston Strangler. WTF?
How scary is the fact that Messi is getting even better than he was last season?
Q: :O
A: Mourinho is wishing his team had tried to score in the first leg…Ferguson wants to use the £80M as a down payment for Messi’s genes…Florentino Pérez would trade half his team for Messi…
is the thing that makes the scream movies so scary the fact that it could really happen?
Q: i mean,you never know when someone is gonna call you and then kill you
A: I thought those were comediesnot scary at all, very predictable standard horror stuff like in every movie since 1972
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