What are antibiotics good for

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Antibiotics are powerful drugs used for treating many serious and life-threatening infectious diseases! That is a good thing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-antibiotics-good-for ]
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What are antibiotics good for
Antibiotics are powerful drugs used for treating many serious and life-threatening infectious diseases! That is a good thing!
How long are antibiotics good for?
Most antibiotics have a shelf life of about three months in liquid form and six months in pill form. Once they’ve gone past their expiration date they begin to lose effectiveness and will no longer do what they were prescribed for. Always d…
What Antibiotics Are Good for a Sinus Infection?
・ Bacteria absorb nutrients from the body and as they grow they make more cell walls. Penicillin works… ・ Macrolides hinder the bacteria’s ability to make new proteins rather than killing the bacteria. The current… ・ Fluoroquinolones ar…

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Antibiotics good for stomach infection?
Q: I went to my dr for a follow up from the ER. He stated my white blood count is up. Meaning that I have an infection in my lymp-nodes or my stomach. I am severly ill and can barely get out of bed. My stomach hurts really bad. He didn’t state what kind of infection or the reason. He put me on two different kinds of medication. One is an anti-biotic and i think the other is an anti-inflammatory. I am wondering if this is normal, having anti-biotics for an infection like this? Do you know the chances of it not going way? He stated if by friday I am not better I will have to come back. Could this mean that I will have to be hospitalized?I went to the doctor today. He said to give it til friday and if I was not improving I needed to come back and see him again. Thankyou for your help.Yes my intial visit was to the ER. They did urin analysis, blood work, and a ct. Nothing came up out of the ordinary. Then he said he noticed two inflammed lymp-nodes. That could be an indication of an oncoming infection. But at that point they could not give me any medication. Then I went to the dr today my primary and he did a urin analysis again. My white count was up. He stated that I now had an infection and gave me the two medications. I am happy with the dr just not happy with the pain. Really who is? LOL. I am just fearing the worst for no reason I guess. I really don’t want to end up in the hospital. But I am in an extreme amount of pain that I have a hard time even walking.Yes my appendix was tested..
A: Antibiotics kill bad bacteria in your body. An infection is caused by bacteria, so I think your doctor did all right in prescribing antibiotics. Unfortunately, some bacteria are resistant to certain antibiotics and the drugs won’t work with one dose, or you might need a different one.
What are some good antibiotics to take for abdominal problems?
A: Abdominal problems is a very vague symptom. It can be anything and may not require antibiotics. Antibiotics are indicated only for a bacterial infection and require a prescription so you need to see a doctor.
My husband stepped on a rusted nail today, what Antibiotics are good for infection?
Q: My husband fell off a ladder and landed on a rusted nail. The nail went through his shoe, in the ball of his foot and went in pretty deep, he thinks it hit the bone in his big toe or maybe a tendon. He recently got a Tetanus shot, what else should I do? I am watching for any signs of infection such as fever, pain, swelling, redness,… what is a good Antibiotic to start him on just in case of infection? P.S. why havn’t we gone to the hospital you may ask? HE IS STUBBORN!!
A: If he’s up to date on tetanus, and you cleaned the wound out immediately and plan to keep it clean, there’s really no reason to go on antibiotics unless you see signs of infection. If you do start to notice something, don’t hesitate though.But for now, just keep it clean and don’t treat an illness that you don’t have.Like ” mlgable” says, tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial that is extremely effective.
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