What are the benefits of raw milk

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Pasteurized milk is accused of causing everything from allergies to heart disease to cancer, but back in the day, these diseases were rare. In fact, clean raw milk from grass-fed cows is chock full of healthy amino acids and beneficial enzymes. It is rich in fatty acids that protect against disease and stimulate the immune system. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-benefits-of-raw-milk ]
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What are the benefits of raw milk
People who are allergic to pasteurized milk are not allergic to raw milk. Raw milk is free of antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones as  commercial dairy cows are raised on grains, not grass, like they were designed to. This will chan…
Who Benefits From Raw Milk?
April 2009, eleven Colorado residents develop Campylobacter infections after consuming raw milk sold through a cow share program. September 2009, thirty-five Wisconsin residents develop Campylobacter infections after consuming raw milk sold…
How to Get the Benefits of Raw Milk
・ 1 Find a source for raw milk. Contact the Weston A. Price Foundation for sources or search the Real milk… ・ 2 Evaluate the dairy if it is not a certified raw milk source. Ensure that cows are on green pasture… ・ 3 Drink whole milk as …

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what has been your experience with raw milk?
Q: I just bought a gallon of raw milk from a local farm that is certified to sell. Got a good look at the cows as well. The guy told me to start slow with small sips so my body can adjust and i dont get the runs. lol. has anyone experienced the benefits of raw milk? I dont need naysays saying “Dont do it! Youll die from it!!!” or anything like that. Would prefer to hear it from people who have tried it and know first hand.
A: Health issuesThe consumption of raw milk has been empirically linked to undulant fever, dysentery, salmonellosis, and tuberculosis, which are diseases that were eliminated by pasteurization. While pasteurization reduces the content of some vitamins, such as Vitamin C, these nutrients are not present in milk in large quantities to be begin with.Proponents of raw milk claim that it is healthy, contains proteins, beneficial bacteria, enzymes and hormones.***The FDA reports that, in 2002, consuming raw milk and raw milk products caused 200 Americans to become ill in any manner. In comparison, a 1999 CDC report showed that consuming undercooked fish and shellfish causes approximately 8,000 cases of Vibrio illness annually,[neutrality disputed] in addition to all cases of salmonella poisoning, Yersiniosis, Listeriosis, Hepatitis, Gastroenteritis, Diphyllobothriasis, and Nanophyetiasis.
What is organic milk and is it the same as raw milk?
Q: I was reading an article today about raw milk and I couldn’t help but wonder if it is the same as organic milk or how it differs. What is the difference and what are the benefits of organic milk?
A: organic milk just means that the cow was never given hormones or medicines, raw milk hasn’t been processed after the cow has been milked.
Which type of milk is good? Pasteurized or raw?
Q: The below links talks about goodness of raw milk.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/raw_milk…This link describes the pasterization process and its benefits.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/pasteurizat…My understanding is that pasteurization involves heating milk at very high temperature for a short time.Idea is to kill the unwanted bacteria. But that is not that good. It will destroy the enzymes as well. Milk can be preserved for long time( as a result of nil bacteria). But what’s the use. There is no helth at all in it. Milk should be heated in a very low heat for around 25 minutes(1 litre). Looks like world has to live with more conflicts.What’s your opinion on this? Which one do you think is good?Its not just enymes thay get destroyed. Also many vitaminas including B12 is destroyed. If we boil the milk over a long period (atleast 10 minutes until it foams instead of just 2 or 3 seconds which UHT pasteurization uses) and on a slow heat then bacteria also could be easily destroyed. This method has quite a good deal in countries like India where people boil raw milk from that way.Sources:http://www.mapi.com/en/newsletters/ayurveda_&_milk.html
A: Unfortunately the last 2 posts were false information. Raw milk is extremely healthy for you, as long as it is as free range, organic, local. Go to realmilk.com and find a farmer near you. The myth that raw milk and eggs is just another ploy for globalism in this country. They want things mass produced so corporations can profit. An excellent site on raw milk and eggs, and any other health questions is mercola.com. You can find just about anything on there by using the search bar.
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