What can an STD do to 12 year old girls

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Sexual health is an important part of the overall health & well-being of teenagers & having a sexually transmitted disease can prevent you from ever conceiving children, you can get cancer and even die if you go untreated. Take care, see a Dr. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-an-std-do-to-12-year-old-girls ]
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Is it possible for a 12 year old virgin girl to have an STD??
Yes. But an Sexual Transmitted Disease isn’t always sexual. Its okay it is usually a virus and the flu and mono is even a virus. 1 in 4 people have herpes even kids. My 3yr old brother has oral herpes from kids at his daycare. Since it is o…

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Can I just ask what grades mean how old you are? And what’s freshman year and stuff?
Q: Sorry I just get really confused when everyone says grade 7 and 8 and stuff. In the UK you go to primary school, up until you’re 11 and then go to secondary school:Year 7 = 11 – 12 year oldsYear 8: 12 – 13Year 9: 13 – 14Year 10: 14 – 15Year 11: 15 – 16 Then you go to college or sixth form, in sixth form it’sYear 12: 16 – 17Year 13: 17 – 18you can go straight into a job at 16 or go to sixth form or college, then after sixth form or college you can go to university. Also can you say what you think about your sex and alcohol age limits. I know in America you can drive at 16, that’s awesome because I have to wait till 17, also in the UK they’re thinking of changing the driving age to 18 because of all of the boy racers. Also can you describe what you think obout child pregnancy because on all of the forums I’ve seen most of the Americans say you should wait till the limit or till you marry and that 16 is too young but on BBC1 national news it said that 1 in 4 American girls have an STD, what do you think about that?ah I see so do you have to stay in little school till you’re 12? When can you leave big school?
A: It depends on what school district or state you are in, but for the most part, we have:Elementary School–Kindergarten (age 5)Grades 1 through 5 (ages 6-11)Middle or Junior High School–Grades 6 through 8 (ages 11-14)High School–Grades 9-12 (ages 14-18)Freshman year is 9th gradeSophomore year is 10th gradeJunior year is 11th gradeSenior year is 12th grade. Most people graduate when they are 18 years old, but it can range Some might graduate early, and others might graduate late, if they started kindergarten late or were held back. 18 is also the age at which you are considered a legal adult in the US, although you still are not allowed to drink legally.After that you can choose to go on to college (what you would call “university”), which is four years for a Bachelor’s Degree. The same freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior levels are used there, although your obviously start all over with being a freshman.
13 year old needing help with birth control and sex?
Q: i recently was close to having sex, and i was not prepared at all. i want to know more about birth control and get products now and asking my parents or my doctor is NOT an option for me. so here are a few questions i came up with. answer as much as you can please!1. what are the different kinds of birth control?2. what is an estimated price on each different birth control?3. where can i get birth control without going to a clinic or hospital?4. what are side effects of taking birth control pills?5. what birth control pill would you recommend?6. are there sizes in condoms? and if so, how do i know what size to get?7. how long does is take for birth control pills to go in effect?8. what will actually guarantee me bigger breasts or clearer skin as a side effect of birth control pills?9. will pills really make me gain weight?10. is a girl still a virgin if she only has oral sex?11. what kinds of sex is there?12. how do you ask a guy if he has an STD before sex without killing the mood?13. what birth control combinations would you recommend using?14. why do people say it doesn’t feel as good when using birth control?15. when people say it doesn’t feel as good when using birth control, do they only mean condoms? or does pills have that effect too?16. what happens if i go to a place that sells condoms and they won’t let me buy any because i’m “too young”?17. how old do you have to be to buy pills?18. will sex for the first time hurt?19. i heard that the girl HAS to be the one to put on the condom? is that true?20. how do you put on a condom the right way?21. when do you think is the best time to take a birth control pill?22. when about to have sex, what is the first thing i should expect?23. is there more of a chance of me getting pregnant if i have sex during my period?24. how will having sex for the first time effect the way i move or the way i feel after?25. do i have to be a certain age to buy one of those pregnancy tests?26. what’s a good estimated price on pregnancy tests?27. how much will i bleed having sex the first time?28. what are orgasms? 29. so if the fluid that comes out of the guys is sperm, what’s the stuff that comes out of girls?30. if someone wears contacts or glasses, do they take them off for sex or leave them on?i know i’m asking a lot. but i’m just curious..thank you for taking your time reading and answering my questions! anything is a BIG help for me..
A: You know what? I don’t think anyone telling you that you’re too young is going to help. If you were close to having sex then it is coming and you need to be prepared. Good on you for having the courage to ask someone. My other advice is if you have a women’s health centre or family planning clinic in your area that might be an option rather than your parents or you family doctor.1. what are the different kinds of birth control?The Pill is the most well known oral contraceptive and what most women I know use. However, you can get injections.2. what is an estimated price on each different birth control?That depends on where you are and if you get any benefits. For me the pill is only $5 because I have a government benefit. But a really good pill with basically no side effects can cost $80 (that is australian)3. where can i get birth control without going to a clinic or hospital?Again I’m not sure about other countries but here in Aus we have to have a perscription from the doctor. It is important to see a doctor before hand to make sure you know all the risks and can pick the Pill best suited to you.4. what are side effects of taking birth control pills?There are lots of suposed side effects, however, i have been on the pill for almost a month and have yet to experience any of them. But in the packet the following side effects are listed (this may be different for different brands) Breast tenderness, pain, secretionHead ache, migrains.Changes in sexual drive and mood.Contact lens intoleranceNausia, vomiting or other intesinal/stomach complaintsChanges in vaginal secretionVarious skin reactionsFluid retentionChanges in body weightHypersensitivity reactionsKeep in mind that you may not experience any of these, they just have to warn you. Don’t let this scare you off.5. what birth control pill would you recommend?I am on Levlen, no complaints about it.6. are there sizes in condoms? and if so, how do i know what size toget?There are different sizes. I personally don’t look after the condom side of things (that is my boyfriend’s job…) but what has been suggested to me by friends and it is good logic, get the ‘regular’ size and if you find that it’s too large or too small you can then ajust you purchase next time. But the regular size will fit most men.7. how long does is take for birth control pills to go in effect?You need to have taken a whole packet (28 days worth of pills) before itthey will be effective.8. what will actually guarantee me bigger breasts or clearer skin as a side effect of birth control pills?No. But I do have a friend whose skin cleared up when she started taking the pill. the only thing the pill is garenteed to do is to protect you from pregnancy (it has about a 98% accuracy) and it will regulate your periods.9. will pills really make me gain weight?I haven’t experienced any…some women do, it’s all about you as a person, you may or may not.10. is a girl still a virgin if she only has oral sex?That depends on your person opinion. However, medically you are a virgin until the hymen is broken, which generally happens during intercourse. It can break other ways though.11. what kinds of sex is there?Oral, Anal and regular old Penis in Vagina. I’m sure less conventional people on here could come up with a few more. Personally I stick to the first and last.12. how do you ask a guy if he has an STD before sex without killing the mood?Hmm, this one might be best to get out of the way before you’re in the mood. If you’re in a relationship with the guy sit him down and have a talk…I know it sounds scary but it’s possible he’ll have the same questions or different ones for you. Also, you need to make sure you both know what’s going on and what you expect of the relationship.If it’s a guy you’re not dating you may want to ask before you get started. If you’re worried just make sure you have a condom, they’re the best way to protect yourself from STD’s. And if the guy wont wear one don’t have sex. End of story. Always remember “If it’s not on, it’s not on.”13. what birth control combinations would you recommend using?There are tons of combinations, just remember that it’s always best to use two kinds of contraception to make sure! If you’re having unplanned sex then the pill and a condom are probably the best thing. But if you know you’re going to have sex then spermacide and a condom works. there are also injections, contraceptive devices you can have put into your uterus…you need to do a little research on that one.14. why do people say it doesn’t feel as good when using birthcontrol?Boys say it because the sensation isn’t a good for them using a condom as there is a barrier. However, this is not a valid excuse not to use one. There are different kinds of condoms that have been devolped to solve this problem, so don’t let a guy pull that line on you
LGBT:Help! i slept with my moms 27 year old resident….i am 17?
Q: im doing hours at a hospital so i can apply for a scholarship(i dont want to owe anyone money after i graduate med school, not even my mom) i mostly run labs or do X-rays(i got my certificates). and thursday night i was there really late….i think it was like 12 running an STD pannel on a couple of people and one of my moms residents(my mom is an attending surgeon) walks in and asks me whats up(and this girl is really HOT and that is hard to find in the surgeon world) so i started to flirt. i didnt expect anything to come from it b/c she is a doctor and i am 17 these things shouldnt happen right? well she started to kiss my neck and we ended up having sex inside the lab. right after i got dressed and got out of there. she has called me four times already and i dont mind the meaningless sex belive me i dont but when u call me later and try to make it something when you know nothing can happen your just trying to break my heart. i like her a lot and the sex was awsome but she is 27 and if my mom found out she would fire her and sue. what do i do?
A: If this is just B S then I’d say it was good for a short, made for TV comedy. A 17 yr old running scans for STD’s. Unlikely. Getting naked in the lab for a 27 yr old, more unlikely. I really can’t see anyone that is a surgeon risking their job or reputation in a lab with the “bosses” 17 yr old, maybe in a more private place, but a lab???But, anything is possible.If this is the straight goods then for one, your mum may fire this person, but if you’re living in a province or state where the legal age of consent is 16 your mum can not sue or even have her arrested.If she’s hot and you like her then what’s the problem?
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