What does vaccinate mean

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Vaccinate is to inoculate with a vaccine in order to produce immunity to an infectious disease, such as diphtheria or typhus. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-vaccinate-mean ]
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What does vaccinating mean?
1. the act of protecting against disease by introducing a vaccine into the body to induce immunity
Who Doesn’t Vaccinate?
There’s an important paper in the New England Journal of Medicine this week about vaccine refusal, providing some alarming statistics on this growing phenomenon. Let’s begin with the basics: In the U.S., “vaccine refusal” is more or less ta…
Does this mean I am going to have to vaccinate my horses every 8 …?
No. The purpose of the extra booster for horses vaccinated before well before the first case of the year is seen in California is to maximize the protection between the time of the outbreak and the end of November when the mosquito season e…

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What does homeopathically vaccinated mean?
Q: My family and I are looking to buy a puppy and whilst looking at adverts we’ve come across the term “homoepathically vaccinated” several times. Could anyone tell me what this means? Is this any better/worse than ordrinary vaccination?Any ideas would be greatThanks 🙂
A: Hhhmmmmmmmmmm….my guess would be something along the line of…..,”We don’t know anything about real proven scientific technique & flailing around aimlessly,using voodoo & crossing our fingers.”
what does Vaccination mean for a kitten?
Q: ok well guys inm’ going to buy a kitten… i’m 100% about eveyrthing except for the vaccination… ok when i go to pet paradise i’m going ot buy a kitten and they will say it will be vaccinated but what does that mean vaccinated.. its it 1 shot? for all 3 shots for like worming and rabies and stuff?? i don’t get it …. please help me and tell me what it means when a cat is vaccianted and tell me what for?? i heard that vaccianted mean like it’s immune system will be protected but does that count for like lice and stuff or like ear infection pelase help … tell me what vaccinated mean and if i need to maybe get some other important vaccinations tell me 😀 ty
A: When you go to buy your kitten, you should be given a vaccination certificate which tells you exactly what diseases are covered by the vaccinations it has had. It’s best when you have a new kitten to take it to see a vet as soon as you can for a check up, and the vet will give you advice about worm and flea and ear mite prevention,they are not covered by vaccination. Take the certificate too so that the vet can check your kitten has had all it needs.He/she can also advise you about neutering your kitten when it’s old enough.Have you got a scratching post and some catnip toys ready ? It’s great fun having a kitten, I hope you enjoy it.
For mothers that vaccinate only: Are you vaccinating against the “Swine Flu”?
Q: The reason this is for vaccinating mothers is due to the fact that the answer is an obvious and resounding NO from non-vaxxing mothers. So the opinions of mothers who vaccinate mean more to me, since I am a vaccinating mother myself after much research and weighing pros and cons and coming to terms with what is best for MY family.So, now that I have the disclaimer out of the way, vaccinating mothers, are you vaccinating your child against the swine flu? I am having second thoughts on it. I read that since this drug is an ’emergency medication’, the pharmaceutical companies are immune to lawsuits if any strange side effect should occur. And I have already read that more swine flu cases are popping up. I don’t know. Are you going to risk giving the vaccine? What are your thoughts? I have tired to do some research on this, but there is not much information available it seems. If you have any helpful links, please include them!
A: The exact same situation in which the swine flu first appeared in the US are similar to how it appeared in the US in the 1918 Pandemic. In 1918 the flu popped up in rural KS at an Army base called Ft. Riley – it didn’t really spread much and kind of petered out and then reappeared in the fall as a killer flu that spread the world over. Do I think that’s going to happen again? No, I don’t but I do believe that come the official flu season we are going to see A LOT more of it. I’m in the military so I will be vaccinated against swine flu whether I want it or not. I will make the decision to vaccinate my daughter based on any reactions I have to the vaccine or the availability for dependants. I’ve noticed that I do frequently get slightly sick when I get a flu vaccination and vaccinations for dependants are frequently not available until all the military members on a base have been vaccinated so I will ensure that my husband and 2 year old daughter get vaccinated promptly when it becomes available to civillians. This will ensure that if we do have some type of reaction to the vaccine we will not all be sick at the same time.
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