What kind of disease is a stroke

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A stoke is not a disease, but is a reaction to many other diseases [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-disease-is-a-stroke ]
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What kind of disease is a stroke
A stoke is not a disease, but is a reaction to many other diseases

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What is wrong with Greta Van Susteren’s mouth? She looks like she had a stroke, or palsy or something…?
Q: I’m not talking about the facelift, either. This is something that has been bugging me since the first time I saw her. Definitely looks like some kind of loss of muscle control on the right side of her face. She talks like Clint Eastwood when he’s got a cigar in his mouth. Did she have some kind of muscular disease as a child, or a stroke or something?
A: she sold her soul to the devil
Hip to waist ratio puts me at HIGH risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes … WTF???
Q: First off, please ignore that damn avatar… I’m not a cross-gender; it was a joke. LOL I’m 19 y.o female, 5’3″ and 111 pounds with what I consider to be a small frame (i.e. tiny wrists, ankles, forearms, etc.). My hip-to-waist ratio puts me at an increased risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes though. I’ve always thought (and everyone that I’ve ever asked has said) that I have an hourglass figure — a small hourglass (because I’m a size 2), but an hourglass nonetheless! My chest is 33.5 inches, waist is 28 inches, and hips are 34 inches. Does that make me an “apple” shape? I mean, surely by the standard requirements (your waist should be 9 inches less than your hips), I’m an apple shape, but isn’t that kind of relative to size? For example, someone who is a size 0 isn’t going to have as dramatic of a different between hips and waist as a person who is a size 16 I would think.Can someone please help me out? I’ll pick a best answer TODAY! THANKS!
A: Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about it, think of it more in percentages. The real danger comes in to play when your waist is larger than your hips. You would be considered a “pear” (me too!) because your hips are larger than your chest or your waist. Don’t sweat it. Make sure you eat well and exercise, and don’t worry too much about what you are “supposed” to look like.Lela SimonACE certified Personal TrainerIIN Health Counselorhttp://www.hellthraiser.com
What do you think of my Stem Cell Theory?
Q: Ok here’s my stem cell theory. Stem Cells are suppose to be cells that can replicate any kind of cells including white blood cells as well as cells to replace things that are broken for good (parts of the body that are paralyzed due to stroke or whatever). Ok but lets say viruses and diseases. Lets take AIDS for example. AIDS completely destroys the immune system making the body susceptible to any kind of disease, virus, illness, or bacteria that can easily kill which normally wouldn’t. Now the reason why we cant find a cure for AIDS is because the virus constantly changes (faster than we can find a cure). So if the virus changes why dont we just use stem cells to change along with it as a counter attack. I truly believe that stem cells are the cure for AIDS and a whole assortment of other diseases too (Cancer, Hep A,B,C, etc). So why are we not funding this?? I know why, its becasue stem cells come from fetuses and embryos, a PEOPLE dont believe in killing children or abortion. But there not looking at the big picture, they could be saving millions of lives. “With victory comes sacrifice”. They should make a new day called “SEX DAY”, where everyone have sex and gets pregnant and donate the fetus to stem cell research. i know that sounds crazy and ruthless but its for a greater cause, my intentions are good. Also its technically not a child when its an embryo. What do you think?
A: I think that this is a political rant. I think that with all the money the federal gov has just spent, we can find other funding sources. It IS legal for private research companies to fund and carry out embryonic stem cell research. It IS legal for states to fund embryonic stem cell research on the state level. I think that most people dont understand where the embryos come from. They are left over from IVF clinics. IVF kills more embryos in and of itself, and is the sole source of embryos for embryonic stem cell research. There are many people against IVF, but none of them are trying to ban it and feel it is a personal decision. If I can choose to kill embryos in the name of vain attempts to get preg, why can I not donate the ones I didnt kill to research?I know that stem cell research has already produced some break throughs in the treatment of aids… and it was ADULT stem cell research, NOT embryonic. A hematopoetic stem cell transplant, which is a fancy name for a bone marrow transplant, is done with ADULT stem cells only, and is a possible cure for aids if the donor has the correct genetic make up. This type of research is federally, state, AND privatly funded.But, most people against embryonic stem cell research are against it because they fear human farming. But to a point, IVF already does that, which goes back to people not understand where the embryos come from. They think the gov is going to pay women to get preg and have abortions, or pay for egg and sperm donations and farm humans to get the cells they want. Arent you afraid of that too?And, last… It is scientifically impossible to deny life begins at conception. Legally it is not a human until it has taken a breath of air, but life begins at conception. Some people are trying to change the legal definition of human, however that is a massive paradigm change that would effect a lot more things than just abortion.
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