Why can’t you smoke while pregnant

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It can harm the baby, or cause serious diseases, even deformities in some children. More common are allergies, sinus issues etc. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-can%27t-you-smoke-while-pregnant ]
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Can you smoke once in a while while being pregnant?
Nope! New studies show that smoking increases an unborn child’s risk of cancer AND can also cause irreversible genetic damage.
Is it okay to smoke while pregnant?
It is not okay to smoke while pregnant. Smoking can cause birth defects in the fetus which will result in a deformed baby and low birth weight. When you smoke your child smokes with you.
Why shouldn’t you smoke while pregnant?
Placenta Abruption This condition is where the placenta pulls off the wall of the uterus either before or during labor, necessitating an immediate delivery, usually via cesarean. A smoker’s placenta is thinner, making it more susceptible to…

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Piggybacking off of smoking while pregnant…?
Q: I’ve always wondered why people take up smoking again after the baby is born. If you can quit for 9 months etc., why can’t people stop permanently? What are your personal reasons for starting up again?
A: I agree… I have asked the same thing to one of my friends, and they said it was because it helps their appetite, where they still want to eat for 2. Sad….
I get get over the fact that my mom smoked while she was pregnant with me! What do I do?
Q: My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me. She still smokes today and I’m worried sick about her. She’s cut down a lot on her smoking, but seeing her smoke scares me to death. What devastates me is that she smoked while she was pregnant with me. Luckily, I was healthy when I was born. The problem is, how can she do that when she knew it was harmful to me? Especially, when I was inside her!! I cannot believe that I was smoking what she smoked while growing inside her. IT MAKES ME SICK that my own mother did that to me! When I was young, I second hand smoked because I smelt it in the car, the house, everywhere. I can’t believe that this was considered smoking. My lungs managed to stay healthy. My dad quit, so I stay away from my mom when she smokes outside. She only smokes outside, which is good for me. I just cannot get these traumatic thoughts out of my head. I’m probably going to see a psychiatrist sometime next week. I want to tell them this and how I can handle it better. There are times when I just want to scream and throw things to let my anger out, but I can’t do that. I just cry about it when I think about it a lot. Maybe her smoking did something to me mentally because I get angry and upset really easily, and sometimes its not normal. I’m thinking that’s why I’ve been having unusual problems with some of my teachers at school. I get scared and upset when they raise their voices, say things I don’t like hearing, etc. I take it personally, even if its toward someone else. What do you think I should do in the meantime because I can’t talk to my parents about it because we’re going on vacation and I don’t want to ruin it for us. It’ll just become a problem. What do you think the psychiatrist will tell me? I need help. Thanks.
A: It could depend on how old you are, because, back in the day, mostpeople didn’t know how harmful smoking was and even if they did, somejust thought it was a scare tactic but it has only really been shown in recent years that it is harmful too people and while they are pregnant andall that stuff so you know it may not have been that she was trying to harm you or anything just that she was ill informed on the dangers and also if it effected you this badly you do need to talk to someonebecause some side effects to smoking and drinking or any harmful thing done during a pregnancy can cause a child too have problems as they grow and it isn’t always physical it can be mental
Do you care about your child enough to step up and do the right thing?
Q: Read this link:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ao5eQD.eoeKm.Ovkhpd5nLIjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20071129215505AASv4AXI was shocked at what I read.I find it horrible that so many people disregard what so many studies have proven! Factually proven. Yet people are soo selfish they will not give up something for 9 months to assure the best possible chances for their unborn child.Why would so many people encourage that type of behavior – why is it so hard to think of the child, not yourself. Why are so many people so selfish they boo people who can think of what is best for child, and encourage more healthy habits. What is wrong with people! I believe if you are that selfish pregnant, you are not strong enough to truly care about your child. I mean truly care – I think there are so many addicted smokers who feel they are being pushed from smoking, they will be ignorant and ignore study facts and say their child is just fine- when most effects don’t show till adolescence and/or puberty and if you ask me looking around – the kids today have lots of issues with their mental health and hmmm these parents feel it is not their fault for drinking and smoking while pregnant.My question again – why is it so hard to say hey, thousands of babies born each year do have obvious signs of illness from pregnant women smoking, I don’t want to take the risk and I will stop smoking for 9 months. Why is that so hard to care about your child. That is my question. Not the politics – but the simple compassion of – why can’t mom’s care more to give their unborn baby the best possible chances, politics aside?(I want to add, I used to smoke and drink and do lots of drugs daily for years, I was young and stupid and running from stupid problems in my life at that time and wanted to die – and then I got pregnant and I quit everything cold turkey as soon as I found out. So, it is possible to be addicted to something and quit just like that if you care. I have to say, I found out I was pregnant while doing those things and quit right when I did; I was about 5 weeks at the time. I was on birth control – the pill, but got pregnant. – My daughter is now 9 and her whole life so far I was told how healthy she was and now she is suffering from some minor mental disabilities and we have to seek treatment for her. Most people think she is just being a kid and it is normal for her to be rebellious, but I know better and she just has a problem with things clicking in her head right. She struggles with certain cognitive thinking abilities. She is smart, but will probably always struggle with instant answers and quick thinking. I am one of the few parents who can see the link and even the doctors say, it is very strongly possible it was the indulgences as the link for the effects and the cause are quite similar.) No, they won’t say the past and her problems are in fact linked – because there are to many sue happy people looking to make a living off of trying to blame their doctors for malpractic and giving a wrong diagnoses. – But, it is apparent they do feel what I did while pregnant is most likely the cause. It is also funny how so many people wont listen to doctors studies on being healthy, but they want free health care. Why, they know better then doctors – but when they are sick all of a sudden they want a doctors advice?So, Do you care about your child enough to step up and do the right thing?Sorry – [jane’s mommy ♡] – “the holier than thou” was not intended – My intentions are to show the effects are real and the ability to be stong enough is real too. That I am speaking from experiance, not jsut giving an opinion on something I have no personal knowlege of. Sorry if I came across like that. It just saddens me when people say it is impossible to do the right thing, when I know many, inculding myself who have. It was hard, I still after 9 years struggle with wanting a smoke or an urge for drugs, but I moved on and care now.Munchkin’sMa-ma! – you make good points- I just recently found out there was a study done on money and they found traces of cocaine on all the ones they tested. Yuck, right !What I don’t understand is – if you know all that, why would you add to the risk of the babies health. Or, do you feel that – hey, there are problems in the enviornment anyways that may hurt my unborn, what good is it to try to reduce those risks? I am not mocking you. I am curios if that is the thought process?
A: Yep! When my daughter was born I quit everything. I’ve always believed that a parent’s life goes “on hold” somewhat to raise their children. Quitting is difficult but it can be done with help from your doctor.
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