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If you are unemployed and you waited until the month of September to sharpen up your job skills, you may be cutting it a little close. We are just about at the time of year when almost anyone can get hired. So rent or borrow a suit if you need to. If English is not your native tongue then an ESL class might come in handy. Spruce up your resume whether it needs it or not. Brush up on your office skills. Make sure you are proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel.

The one person who in my experience had the most trouble finding a job was a 50-year-old, legal immigrant who was not a native English speaker. Most of her job experience was not in the United States.

Many of you who have had experience going around the country and applying for jobs are probably thinking something like “Strike Two!” or maybe even “Strike Three!”

This legal new comer to the United States easily got a job at a major department store between Halloween and Christmas. And, because she was industrious and attentive to her duties, they invited her back after the Christmas rush.

Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas are some of the prime times when it comes to finding even the most hard to place person a job. Between department stores and package shipping agencies, somebody needs someone just like you.

If you can speak a foreign tongue, that is a plus since some of the customers speak a foreign language too.

Just so you know, like any job worth getting, there may be some aspects that can be difficult to adjust to. For instance, near the holidays, some stores hold midnight madness sales. They need someone to man the cash register at 3 AM. If you want the job, that someone is you.

Never forget if you do take a shop assistant or store clerk job that the customer is the main reason why you have a job. Don’t let jaded employees with bad attitudes steer you wrong on that. Do you like dealing with someone in a store who acts like they don’t want to be there? Act accordingly when you are waiting on customers.

Be early to the interview and the job but not too early. It is generally a bad idea to arrive more than 15 minutes early. Busy people don’t actually have time to placate over eager beavers. Never be late. Call your boss and tell her if you are having car trouble. Try to set up someone to take care of your children while you are at work who can handle emergencies on their own. If you do have to take a sick kid to the hospital, tell your boss first. Don’t rely on coworkers to tell the boss, they may get busy and forget.

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