Hot Glue Molds

It’s fun when someone comes up with an idea to make something unusual from something common. For instance, did you know that you can turn hot glue into a mold? Instead of buying a rubber mold, like for making something like a coin, you can simply make it yourself. You don’t have to be a counterfeiter to want to make a coin mold. Maybe you love creating your own scrapbook embellishments. Regular coins are heavy, and fake ones look fake, but when you make your own coin mold, you can make a much more realistic version of a coin – or another object. It’s not at all difficult to make assorted molds for small items when you use hot glue and oil. So, get some hot glue, a can of WD40 or some vegetable oil, and don’t forget the coin.

You can only mold one side of the coin at a time but it’s really simple to do. Start by applying some type of oil to the coin. Place a drop on the coin, then work it around the surface – and the sides – with a cotton ball or cloth. It’s important that the coin be well-coated in oil without oil dripping from it.

Use hot glue to make the actual mold. Lay a piece of foil on a flat surface and set the coin on it. Begin in the center of the coin, with the glue gun very close to it, and start dispensing the glue. If you push on the glue stick while you’re dispensing the glue it will come out much faster. Completely cover the surface and the sides of the coin with the glue, allowing extra glue to flow to the foil surrounding the coin.

Wait until the hot glue has completely set and is cool to the touch. Pull it off of the foil then carefully peel it away from the coin. What you’ll end up with is a mold that can be used to create a coin from resin, rubber, clay, epoxy, or other such materials.

There are many molds you can make when you use the hot glue technique. Make a mold of a fingernail polish bottle or metal lipstick case and you can make a cute display on a vanity table. Or, mold a wire flower for an adorable scrapbook embellishment. Mold flower petals, leaves, and other things, too. Just make sure that the object you want to mold can withstand the heat from the hot glue. Glass, metal, ceramic, and most wooden objects, can all take the heat. Look around your house; you’ll find many things that you can use to make molds for scrapbook embellishments, decorator projects, and more.
Coin Mold

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