How ADHD is Affected in Terms of Sexual Intimacy

We are aware that ADHD patients have problems in terms of their attention and concentration. Couples usually share the same emotions in terms of sex and intimacy. Most people said that as couple’s have sex, they act a natural urge that almost everyone enjoys. Do those with ADHD encounter problems inside their own bedroom? Sadly yes. As we all know, many ADHD patient’s has not been diagnosed with ADHD until their adulthood. This became the loophole to their sexual activity. To have a satisfying sexual life, concentration and focused is needed. Since ADHD patient’s has difficulty in this area that certainly became the cause of their problem.

Here are the following ADHD traits and the effects it may cause to their sexual intimacy with their partner:

ADHD patients are hyperactive and impulsive. They usually are fast to start or make a relationship and engage in sexual activity. Along the long run of this relationship, they usually lost their interest. They are not aware that it’s their brain that causes this feeling. Most of them sometimes blame their partners as if there is something wrong with them that remove the love feeling away. ADHD patients are easily distracted and inattentive. Due to these characteristics, they usually have a hard time to start the intimacy process and even trying to focus and pay attention to the feeling felt at that very moment. This causes no satisfaction and annoyance on the partner. ADHD patients due to their lack of focused accompany the deficiency in initiation and enthusiasm in sexual activity. There are partners according to surveys that don’t understand the reaction of their ADHD partner. According to them, their partner loves and enjoys having sex with them. However, the imitation and enthusiasm is not there. This somehow causes the difficulty in the intimacy ADHD patients have the tendency to experience hyperfocus. This is a characteristic wherein an ADHD patient tends to be too involved in a certain activity that he or she tends to forget what’s around him or her. Due to this however, it may turn out to be the opposite reaction towards intimacy. So work it out through proper communication. On the other hand, this may be an advantage to some as they can easily learn new skills or solve some complicated problems.

This characteristic can be beneficial as they start the relationship. The ADHD patient usually long for a romantic partner, so they usually are hyperfocusing. They may act with a sweet talk and sumptuously touchy especially inside their bedroom. The problem would start if the biochemical in the brain would ebb causing the passion and feeling to fade away.

The importance of communication in sexual intimacy and in a relationship is a must. On the first place, the partner must be sure that he or she is ready to enter such relationship.

There must be true love, understanding, and patience to an ADHD patient as well to his or her partner as they engage in such intimacy.

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